Carano wins in the category "Favourite Fleet-Management-Software"

  Matthias von Tippelskirch empfängt die Goldene Flottina 2012
Matthias von Tippelskirch, Geschäftsführer der Carano Software Solutions GmbH, bei der Preisverleihung der goldenen Flottina 2012.

Berlin, 07.06.2012: Carano Software Solutions has been the awarded the Golden "Flottina" of the fleet specialist journal "Flottenmanagement" in the category "most popular popular fleet software".

"We are happy about the faith your readers put into us, and we take the award as additional motivation to keep moving in this direction with our software solutions", said Helene Lindh, head of marketing and finance at Carano, in a statement.

The Carano GmbH has been delivering software solutions for fast companies for over 20 years, with core products ranging around fleet solutions for all processes in the vehicle life cycle and corporate mobility.


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