Latest trends and developments of the fleet management branch

Fuhrpark Reinigung: So machen Sie Ihre Flotte fit

Spring cleaning your fleet

Out with winter out, in with spring. March is a month of change: the days are growing longer; the sun is making more of an appearance. The big spring clean out is on the agenda. What’s happening at home is also happening in fleets. The only difference is that there are legal ramifications that come into play.


Nachhaltige Mobilität im Fuhrpark

Is 2022 the year of the electric car?

We’re just a few weeks into 2022 and already the question is being asked: How will the new administration in Germany deal with the call for greater sustainable mobility? In short, will 2022 be the year of the electric car?


What Carsharing Can Do for Your Company

Corporate carsharing: Yes or no? Many companies shy away from taking the leap to implementing pool vehicles into their fleet. Mostly it is due to worries over what might happen after the reorganization or fear of additional costs. Truth be told, the return on investment for the change is double the outlay. What other reasons are there for vehicle pooling?


Männerhand mit Schlüssel

Manage pool vehicles smarter thanks to digital key management

Pool vehicles is enabling many companies to provide flexible mobility while maximizing utilization more cost-effectively. The challenges posed by a pool vehicle fleet are often of an analog nature: making vehicles available at whatever requested, documenting technical data, and handing over and taking back vehicles – not to mention what to do with car keys. To ensure a pool fleet’s smooth booking and sensible utilization involve considerable administrative and personnel effort.