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Flexible mobility in the fleet: corporate car sharing as a success factor

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Mitarbeiter im urbanen Raum nutzen Bike- und Scooter-Sharing-Angebot dank einem Mobilitätsbudget

Mobility Budget Instead of Company Car: Flexible Mobility for Employees

Flexible mobility promises the new trend of mobility budgets in the fleet. What is the idea and how can your fleet benefit from it?

The driving license check is one of the central owner liability obligations and is intended to ensure that all drivers are in possession of a valid driving license

Employer Driving License Check: Legal Regulations and Tips for Implementation

Checking driving licenses is one of the most important duties in the fleet. Find out here on which legal basis the driving license check is based and how it can be implemented.

Große Unternehmen verfügen meist über eine interne, sachkundige Person für die UVV-Prüfung während kleinere Unternehmen auf externe Fachkräfte zurückgreifen

UVV inspection in the vehicle fleet: definition and importance in the vehicle fleet

The accident prevention regulations form the basis for the annual inspection of vehicles. In this article, you will find out what the UVV inspection is all about, who carries it out and what will be checked.

Je größer die Flotte, desto höher ist der Bedarf für einen eigenen Flottenmanager

Fleet management: How to manage your fleet successfully

Whether you are a freight forwarder, construction company or municipal fleet, fleet management plays a central role for all companies that have vehicles in their fleet. In this article, you will find out what efficient fleet management means, which tasks are involved and how software can provide support.

When dealing with claims, speed is of the essence in order to avoid disrupting operations and keep costs low.

Claims management: How to handle fleet damage professionally

Costs can quickly skyrocket in the event of an accident in the vehicle fleet. Well-organized claims management is required here. But how do company fleets ensure a smooth process and what steps are necessary?

Pool vehicle management can be organized efficiently and transparently with an appropriate software solution

Pool vehicle management: advantages, organization and taxation of pool vehicles in the fleet

How can I make the best possible use of my pool vehicles and save costs at the same time? And what does efficient pool vehicle management involve? We answer these and other questions in this article.

Auch Fahrräder können Teil des Fuhrparks sein und das klassische Dienstwagenkonzept ergänzen.

The bicycle in the company: A sustainable alternative for employee mobility

Bicycles can be an environmentally friendly and cost-effective addition to vehicle fleets, especially in urban areas and for short distances. In this article, you will learn how you can integrate bicycles into your company, what advantages they offer and what challenges need to be considered.

Eine Fuhrparkleiterin wird durch digitale Tools im Flottenalltag unterstützt.

The fleet manager as a key role in the company

Fleet managers occupy a central position in the company’s own fleet. The role is extremely varied and challenging. In this article, you will learn what tasks are involved and what requirements and qualifications are needed.

Die EU-Richtlinie schreibt eine einheitliche Kennzeichnung der  verschiedenen Kraftstoffsorten der Tankstelle

XTL Diesel, HVO and Diesel B10: New fuels 2024

From spring 2024, drivers will have to pay attention, as filling stations will be offering new fuels. In addition to XTL diesel, B10 diesel is also introduced. In this article, we explain what is behind the abbreviations and what company car drivers need to look out for.

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