Corporate car sharing: advantages for companies, fleets and drivers

Corporate car sharing helps to reduce fleet costs and meet potential sustainability targets

Are you looking for a smart solution to optimize the mobility of your employees and save your budget at the same time? Corporate car sharing could be just the thing for your fleet. According to Arval’s Mobility and Fleet Barometer Germany, 21 percent of companies in Germany already use a pooling concept. And the trend is upward. In this article you will learn more about the advantages of a pooling concept for your fleet. Whether it’s cost savings, flexibility or sustainability: we’ll show you how corporate carsharing can help your company move forward.

What is corporate car sharing in the fleet?

Corporate carsharing is the in-house sharing of company cars in the fleet. The existing vehicles are no longer tied to one person, but are available to several employees and can be used flexibly as needed. In many cities, carsharing has already established itself among private individuals as an alternative to rental cars or buying one’s own car. In an operational context, it enables fleet operators to optimize the use of company vehicles in the fleet and increase utilization. This can save expenses and resources.

What types of corporate car sharing are there?

Which model a company chooses depends on many factors. This includes, for example, the organization of the company or the number of locations. Corporate car sharing can be organized in two different ways:

  • as station-based car sharing, in which the vehicles are only available for use at a specific point and must also be returned to this point after the trip.
  • as a free-floating model, which allows vehicles to be rented and used in a certain area or at different company locations.
With tools for digital vehicle access, employees have round-the-clock access to the car sharing vehicles.
Corporate car sharing helps increase vehicle utilization and reduce costs.

Lower costs, more convenience and more flexibility - advantages of corporate car sharing at a glance

The benefits of corporate car sharing are undeniable. It’s an efficient way for companies to reduce vehicle expenses while increasing comfort and freedom for drivers. Here are five good reasons why companies benefit from a car sharing concept.

1. Fewer vehicles in the inventory

Procuring new vehicles is no easy task at the moment. Long delivery times, lack of choice and rising prices make the work of fleet managers more difficult. In many cases, it is not even necessary to increase the fleet with new vehicles. Most fleet vehicles are not used all the time, are parked on company premises for a large part of the time and are not driven by employees at all. Corporate car sharing helps to better utilize the vehicle fleet. In most cases, this can reduce the actual number of vehicles that are available.

2. Cost savings

With fewer vehicles in their inventory, companies save on acquisition, maintenance and insurance expenses. Because if company cars stand idle, this causes unnecessary costs. Studies have shown that well-organized corporate car sharing can reduce mobility costs by up to 40 percent.

3. Promotion of environmental friendliness

High gasoline prices also put worry lines on the faces of fleet managers. In the context of a conversion to corporate car sharing, a parallel implementation of electric vehicles can be worthwhile. Thanks to their high mileage and low maintenance costs, e-vehicles are ideal for sustainable and cost-effective car sharing.

4. Increase in employee satisfaction

Drivers who use a company car often have a higher degree of mobility and flexibility. This can contribute to more satisfaction. Until now, having their own company car has been an important incentive for many employees. After all, a new vehicle is considered a status symbol in many circles. However, younger companies in particular are now increasingly focusing on inclusive corporate mobility that includes as many employees as possible. This new flexibility is reflected in increased use of electric vehicles, e-bikes, e-scooters, or even by releasing mobility budgets that may also be available for private use. This results in a non-cash benefit. Although this must be claimed for tax purposes, it can reduce expenses for private mobility.

5. Enhancement of the corporate image

Corporate car sharing can be an effective way to improve your company’s image. In this way, companies show that they are adapting to the needs of employees and society and finding new ways to facilitate mobility. Those who strive to reduce their environmental impact and use resources more efficiently can enhance their image as innovative and forward-looking.

Carsharing Software CaranoCloud

Guidebook: Corporate car sharing as a success factor

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Organize pool cars: Outlook calendar vs. car sharing software

An Outlook calendar is a simple and inexpensive way to manage company car bookings. Unfortunately, however, you quickly come up against limits here, you can’t create any evaluations, you don’t have a proper overview, and this approach is also very questionable in terms of data protection.

If you want to make efficient use of all the advantages of corporate car sharing, you should think ahead. A professional car sharing software offers a wide range of functions. Such as the automation of the reservation and booking processes or useful evaluations tooptimize the use of the vehicles. A comparison of Outlook Calendar and professional car sharing software shows that the latter has a lot of advantages.

In contrast to a simple Outlook calendar, professional car sharing software offers a more efficient and comprehensive way to manage and organize corporate car sharing in your own fleet.

The software enables companies to better utilize their resources and save costs, while improving employee mobility and satisfaction.

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