Mann nimmt Schaden an Dienstwagen auf

How best to deal with accidents? Good claims management

Murphy’s Law dictates: what can happen – will happen. And accidents are bound to happen, no matter what. Costs can quickly escalate. Claims management that simplifies internal communication processes and aids the fleet manager to initiate and coordinate subsequent processes is essential. But how do corporate fleets safeguard smooth claims management and what steps are needed to achieve this? Let us explain what to do in the event of an accident.

Handschuhe, die einen Dienstwagen putzen

Hygiene tips for a clean company car

Good hygiene is vital to a company vehicle, not only for the driver’s subjective well-being but also their health. Since the Covid pandemic, hygiene has become a hot topic in every aspect of social life. Not aimed specifically at pooling fleets, it is no different for any fleets. In this post, we’ll share our tips on how to get your company car up to hygienic standard quickly and safely so you can feel better driving to your next appointment or the office.