Key management in the fleet: manage keys digitally

There are practical tools for digital key management in the fleet
There are practical tools for digital key management in the fleet

Pool vehicles enable companies to flexibly organize employee mobility and increase the utilization of company cars. However, the challenges of managing the carsharing fleet are mostly analogous: managing the vehicle keys. However, digital key management in the fleet makes administration uncomplicated and minimizes effort. In this article, we explain what types of electronic key management are available for the fleet and how they can help manage the carsharing fleet.

Digital vehicle access in the fleet - overview of the various solutions for key management

As a fleet manager, you know all too well how difficult it can be to guarantee proper and efficient key management for a fleet of vehicles. Just think of the endless searches for misplaced keys or the time-consuming coordination of appointments to hand over the keys in the office.

Manual key transfer may still be feasible in the start-up phase of a carsharing fleet or for small fleets. However, with growing size or increasing demands on the flexibility of key management, this variant soon reaches its limits.

In addition, Excel sheets or calendar tools are error-prone, confusing and manipulable. The latter is particularly serious when it comes to damage to the vehicles.

In addition, it is usually not possible to guarantee that the keys will be handed over at an independent time – one of the biggest shortcomings of car sharing. After all, the model is based on the greatest possible flexibility. Fortunately, today there are practical tools that make it easy to organize electronic key management. And it is high time that you familiarize yourself with the various options.

Electronic key cabinet


A digital key cabinet provides a modern and efficient solution for managing pool vehicle keys. On the one hand, this is intuitive and easy to use. This increases acceptance among managers and employees, especially when introducing automated fleet management. Users can reserve their desired vehicle via the website or app and then use their PIN or an RFID chip (e.g., on a company ID card) to open the key cabinet and remove the appropriate key.

The key intended for the user emits a small light signal through which the driver immediately recognizes the correct key. All other keys are inaccessible, which guarantees the highest level of security. The booking process is automatically completed via the software as soon as the vehicle key is back in the key box. No further documentation is required.


Although there are many advantages to using a digital key cabinet with car keys, there are also some disadvantages to managing locking systems that should be considered. On the one hand, the operation of a digital key box depends on the availability and functionality of the technology. Malfunctions or failures of the IT systems or software can cause the key box not to work and make it impossible to reserve and pick up vehicles.

In addition, the use of a digital key cabinet is cost-intensive. The acquisition costs for the technical equipment as well as the costs for installation and maintenance must be taken into account.

Keybox: Key management in the fleet via smartphone app


If you do not have the necessary infrastructure for a key cabinet at your location, or if you want to take advantage of the digital possibilities even more comprehensively, the flinkey box is an ideal solution for digital key management.

The flinkey box is a portable key box that can be installed in almost any standard vehicle model. It is fixed but reversible, so it can be removed if necessary. The connection with the vehicle is made through the cigarette lighter, which allows to remove the key to the vehicle ignition. An integrated rechargeable battery makes it possible to go up to four weeks without power. The box is manufacturer-independent and ready for immediate use in all modern vehicles without the need for a workshop.

The flinkey box is operated via a specially developed app that is available on any smartphone. Fleet management is greatly simplified by the app, as the user can independently access the vehicle without a key and open and close the doors after being authenticated via the booking system.


One of the disadvantages of flinkey is that the function depends on a stable power supply. When the battery is empty, the driver cannot open the doors or start the car. Another problem may be that flinkey is not compatible with all vehicle models. Therefore, users must ensure that their vehicle is compatible before using the flinkey Box for locking systems.

Is electronic key management right for your fleet?

If you’re still skeptical about whether digital key management is really the solution for your fleet management and your employees, we’re happy to answer a few frequently asked questions:

Is digital key management in the fleet secure?

Yes, electronic key management is secure. Most systems use advanced encryption technologies to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to vehicles.

Does electronic key management in the fleet also work during power outages?

Yes, some systems have built-in emergency features that allow you to open the vehicle even in the event of a power outage.

Do I need special equipment to use electronic key management?

No, you only need a smartphone or other mobile device with an internet connection for management.

How easy is it to set up electronic key management in the fleet?

Most electronic key management systems are very easy to install and use. Usually, a simple app installation is enough to get started.

How does the flinkey box work?

The flinkey box is permanently but reversibly installed in all standard vehicle models and connected to the cigarette lighter. The user accesses the vehicle independently via an app.

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