The advantages of pool vehicle software for the vehicle fleet

Managing pool vehicles in a fleet

The use of pool vehicles offers companies the opportunity to organize their vehicle fleet efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. The advantages are clear: more flexible corporate mobility, enabling more drivers to use company vehicles, and more efficient and therefore also more cost-effective utilization of the vehicle fleet. But how can pool vehicles be managed in the best possible way? In this article, we explain what is important when it comes to organization and how pool vehicle software can help you.

What is pool vehicle software?

Pool vehicle software facilitates the management of pool vehicles in the fleet. The tool provides an overview of each pool vehicle, bookings and availability. In addition, it can also simplify accounting and billing.

The advantages of pool vehicle software

Many fleet managers rely on the email provider’s calendar feature to manage their vehicle pool. Although this seems clear at first glance, it is not sufficient for a more in-depth analysis of efficiency utilization. Because it already becomes confusing with a handful of pool vehicles. Which company car is used particularly frequently, is there a bottleneck during peak times, i.e. time windows with increased demand or periods of idling? Intelligent, digital carsharing software not only makes it easier to book vehicles, but can also reliably detect cost outliers and highlight potential savings.

Easy booking and driver communication

Drivers can book the vehicles themselves. This is done via a smartphone app or a web application. The subsequent communication is handled by the car sharing software. Riders receive a booking confirmation and are automatically notified by email in case of delays, rebookings or cancellations. All bookings and availabilities are clearly displayed in a booking calendar.

With the help of a return dialog, drivers can document soiling, defects or damage so that these can be processed internally.

Vehicle disposition

A pool vehicle software assigns a suitable vehicle for each booking. For example, the ranges of e-vehicles or the leasing kilometers are taken into account.

Increased efficiency

With software-based pool vehicle management, many recurring processes can be automated, such as booking vehicles, accessing company cars and monitoring maintenance work. This minimizes the risk of human error and minimizes the effort for fleet managers. Car sharing software optimizes the use of company cars through effective planning and monitoring. It ensures that the appropriate vehicles are always assigned to trips and that double bookings are prevented.

Monitoring and traceability

Using a software-based solution for pool vehicle management provides a high level of transparency and traceability for fleet management. All information about the trips and their use is stored centrally and can be accessed at any time. This makes it easier to make informed decisions and simplify the management of pool vehicles.

With software, you can monitor all important data and key figures, report at any time and take appropriate measures for optimization. This includes, for example, the utilization of vehicles in the entire fleet, the number of kilometers driven and the costs per vehicle. This information is essential for the optimal management of vehicle fleets. They provide information, for example, on whether the number of vehicles should be reduced even further, additional vehicles purchased or alternative mobility services integrated.

Compliance with the keeper's liability obligations

Fleet managers must also comply with the statutory keeper liability obligations for pool vehicles. This includes regular checks of driver’s licenses and driver instruction in accordance with UVV. Pool vehicle software makes these tasks easier by comparing valid checks and inspections before each journey.

This is how pool vehicle management works with software

Pool vehicle software such as CaranoCloud from Carano simplifies all processes relating to the management of pool vehicles. In addition to the simple booking of vehicles, the software supports fleet managers in complying with legal requirements and facilitates the vehicle return process.

  1. Booking a vehicle: To use a pool vehicle, the employee books it via the software. He chooses the desired date and time for the start of use and the expected duration of the booking. The software automatically assigns a suitable vehicle for each trip – taking into account the lease mileage and range for e-vehicles. Then the driver receives a booking confirmation by e-mail. If there is a delay or rebooking, he will also receive a notification.
  2. Vehicle access: After successful booking, the employee receives access to the vehicle. On the one hand, this can be done via a key box. This is placed in the vehicle and receives the signal for opening and closing via Bluetooth. Alternatively, a key box can be installed.
  3. Owner’s liability: Valid driver’s license checks and driver instructions can be checked before every journey.
  4. Return: At the end of the trip, the employee parks the vehicle at the agreed location and ends the booking via the software. Any damage or defects to the vehicle can be documented using a return dialog and passed on for internal processing.
  5. Evaluations and reports: Software offers various reporting functions to analyze the use of pool vehicles and further optimize utilization.

Why should a company use pool vehicle software?

Companies should rely on a software solution to improve the efficiency and overview in the administration of their pool vehicles. The software provides a simple and effective way to monitor and manage all vehicles, bookings and trips. It also provides useful evaluations that provide information on how well the vehicles are utilized and where there is potential for optimization.

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