We are Carano

Open, team-oriented, fair. We live these values in our daily work – internally with our colleagues and externally with our customers. Join our team of more than 80 employees from 15 nations and help continue writing the success story that is Carano.

Who we are looking for

People with brains and an eye for detail, who ask critical questions and offer solutions. Team players, who possess organizational talent and have a ready ear for the concerns of our customers.

Whether you are just starting your career or an experienced professional or a student – at Carano we are always looking for individuals with unique profiles. With your contribution, we are striving to develop and market innovative products and so create new forms of corporate mobility.

When do we get to know you?

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Get ready for the next step in your career and apply for our openings. Found nothing suitable?* Send us a speculative application and we will consider you and your profile in future job postings.

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Benefits we offer

Further education and training

We support you in acquiring new knowledge and will cover expenses for books, conferences and workshops.

Job bike leasing

We ensure you get from point A to B the quickest and healthiest way possible, and in an environmentally friendly way.

Pension plan

Invest in your future with the help of our company pension plan and employee savings benefits.

Free time

Arrange your working hours flexibly and work partially or completely from home.


With regular events – in small teams or with all your colleagues, we help create good vibes and a sense of cameraderie.

Application process at Carano

  • Email us your complete application via our application tool.

  • Our HR department invites you for a brief phone call to get to know you.

  • If the interview with our HR department is successful, an interview w/the relevant team will follow.

Gabriela Turuta

Team Lead Human Ressources

+49 30 399944-740


Franziska Rybarz

Human Resources Manager

+49 30 399944-56


Questions about your application

What is the current work situation at Carano?

Our employees’ wellbeing is the highest priority, so we are, at the moment, working mainly from our home office. By prior consultation with the HR team as well as in compliance with current legal requirements, in some cases, working at our office in Berlin-Steglitz is also possible.

What documents do I need for an application at Carano?

We are mainly interested in your resume. A short cover letter would be nice, though not necessary. You should also include certificates and references.

Do I have a chance as a career changer?

What’s important for us is what you’re capable of, not necessarily what studies you have done. If you are as enthusiastic about mobility and software solutions as we are, then you are very much welcome at Carano

Will my application data be treated confidentially?

Yes, your data will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Except for the HR team and the relevant individuals of the respective department, no one else will have access to your data or documents.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about my application?

Our HR team will be happy to help and answer all your questions regarding your application.

Three questions for:

Jennifer, Customer Success Management

How long have you been working at Carano

Since January 2018.

What do you do at Carano?

I manage existing customers and direct customer inquiries to the respective teams. I also help to build up the team “Customer Success Management”.

What do you especially like about Carano?

The family-friendliness, flexibility in terms of working methods and hours, and of course the great colleagues.

Frank, Technical Consultant

How long have you been working at Carano?

Since March 2000.

What exactly do you do at Carano?

I work as a technical consultant and take care of research and development in
electromobility, including project funding, for example.

What do you like best about Carano?

The diversity of technology, the colleagues, the clarity and manageability. You can also get your hands into anything that interests you, and be listened to and noticed.

Lutz, Sales Manager

How long have you been working at Carano?

Since February 2012.

What do you do at Carano?

I work in sales and have lots of customer contact. I also take care of various tenders in the area of fleet management.

What was your last project?

The last important project was the implementation of software at the Lower Austrian provincial government. It was demanding, extensive and required intensive consulting.

Gabriela, Team Lead Human Ressources

How long have you been working at Carano?

Since February 2020.

What do you do at Carano?

Things I do are recruiting and handling internal HR matters.

What do you like most about working at Carano?

The helpfulness and cohesion among our staff, the flexibility in work and the opportunities for further training.