Field-proven software solutions for companies with vehicle fleets

A vehicle fleet is the axis of operational mobility and must therefore meet the needs and aims of the company. From the procurement of vehicles, to the management of the fleet, to the maintenance of owner liability obligations, with our solutions you digitize the processes around your vehicles, create transparency and ensure full cost control. Carano gives companies with fleets all the functions they need to manage the fleet efficiently. These can be combined for smooth workflows.

Thanks to digitalization and automation, the fleet software Fleet+ ensures that fleet managers maintain an overview and that drivers are more satisfied.
Managing the fleet is much easier thanks to the fleet software Fleet+ fleet

The advantages of Carano solutions for companies with their own fleet of vehicles

All data in one place

Vehicle and driver data is recorded and maintained centrally, while reporting at the touch of a button ensures transparency and cost control

Automation of routine tasks

Digital workflows minimize the efforts in the fleet and provide a significant relief in the daily business

Green Fleet

Our solutions support you on the way to a more sustainable fleet through the efficient use of pool vehicles and the monitoring of CO2 emissions and consumption

The right fleet management software for companies with a fleet of vehicles

Online procurement of vehicles

Vehicle configurator for convenient handling of the procurement process

Fleet Management

Functional fleet software for the control of the vehicle fleet

Driver's license verification

Driver’s license check via smartphone app with automated appointment management

Pool vehicle management

Booking calendar with automatic vehicle scheduling and tools for flexible vehicle access

Driver training according to UVV

E-learning tool with notification function for safe instruction of drivers

Fleet management is a major challenge, especially for medium-sized and large companies. Fleet+ helps remedy the situation. This is confirmed by numerous satisfied customers.
Die Müller Service GmbH optimiert ihre umfangreichen Fuhrparkbetriebsabläufe mit Fleet+ von Carano Software Solutions, indem sie Prozesse seit der Integration zentral automatisiert.

The Müller Service GmbH meets the varied requirements of its large fleet with Fleet+. Processes have been automated and can be controlled centrally since its implementation.

Poco Einrichtungsmärkte GmbH enhances contract and internal process transparency while cutting costs through Carano Software Solutions' fleet software.

The fleet software ensures more transparency for contracts and internal processes at the Poco Einrichtungsmärkte GmbH. It also helps to reduce costs.

Utilizing the digital storage capabilities of Fleet+ from Carano Software Solutions, ISS effectively addresses the diverse needs of its fleets, minimizing operational efforts seamlessly.

With the seamless, digital storage function of Fleet+, ISS can meet the complex requirements of the heterogeneous fleets and minimise the effort.

With Fleet+, fleet managers always maintain an overview and collect all information in one place

Digitize processes and minimize effort

From vehicle procurement and data maintenance to compliance with legal requirements, managing your own fleet is complex and time-consuming, regardless of the size of your company. With our software solutions, you digitize processes, import important data and save valuable time and money in the fleet. All data is stored centrally in a digital vehicle file. The evaluations based on this help you to optimize the company fleet. Excel and file folders are now a thing of the past. Notifications remind you of upcoming and overdue deadlines so that no important deadlines are forgotten.

Holistic corporate mobility for companies with vehicle fleets

The role of the fleet manager is changing. The focus is no longer just on managing the vehicles, but on organizing the entire operational mobility. This is because, in addition to cost-effectiveness, more and more companies with vehicle fleets are also focusing on the sustainable orientation of their fleets. Alternative concepts such as corporate car sharing, mobility budgets or electromobility can be used to organize corporate mobility in a way that makes both economic and ecological sense. Carano has therefore made it its goal to ensure that commercial vehicles are procured and used in line with demand.

The demands of society, politics and employees have changed the requirements for employee mobility.
Rider and driver acceptance is critical to the success of a mobility concept.

Higher employer attractiveness for companies with vehicle fleets

With the fleet as the center of operational mobility, driver involvement must also be ensured. Do you have pool vehicles in your fleet or are you planning to implement them? Thanks to our CaranoCloud car sharing software, employees can book the vehicles flexibly and have access around the clock thanks to the smartphone app. If you rely on company cars in your fleet, our Easy+ vehicle configurator provides a special incentive. This allows employees to put together their own desired company car with just a few clicks, while relieving you of time-consuming checks.

Trust the industry leader

We have been developing software solutions for the fleet industry for 30 years. We bundle our many years of industry knowledge and expertise into powerful software products that companies can use to professionally manage their own fleets. We have already successfully implemented more than 1000 projects and orders for our customers from a wide range of industries. We also incorporate the results of research projects on which we have been working with renowned partners from business and science since 2013 into the development of our digital products.

If your data protection regulations require it, you can operate the Fleet+ fleet management software in your company

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our software solutions for companies with vehicle fleets

In principle, the managing director or the employer is the commercial owner of the car fleet. However, the latter may delegate his duties as keeper to a person in the vehicle fleet who is suitable in terms of expertise and character. This is usually the fleet manager.

Keeper liability is a central and important issue in fleet management. It doesn’t matter whether you operate a small fleet with just a few cars or a large fleet with hundreds of vehicles. With our solutions for electronic driver’s license checks and UVV driver instruction as an e-learning course, you as the owner fulfill your obligations and ensure greater safety in the fleet.

Mobility management is the holistic approach to planning, organizing and controlling mobility in companies. The aim is to make employee mobility sustainable, efficient, and needs-based in order to meet their requirements and needs while reducing environmental impact.

Green Fleet describes a particularly environmentally friendly and sustainably designed vehicle fleet. A company with a Green Fleet aims to minimize its environmental impact and make a positive contribution to protecting the environment. This includes, above all, reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions and other harmful pollutants through the use of low-emission vehicles and alternative mobility concepts such as car sharing or bicycles.

According to a Dataforce survey, new car registrations in August 2023 were up 37.3 percent. This represents 273,415 newly registered passenger cars. The fleet market in particular reached a record level, accounting for 38.3 percent of the market.

Yes, our software products can be combined for easy data maintenance and smooth workflows. This means you benefit from a complete package for managing your fleet. You can expand our fleet management software Fleet+ with our solutions for electronic driver’s license checks and UVV driver instruction. Do you have pool vehicles in your fleet? Then combine our carsharing software CaranoCloud for uncomplicated booking and organization of vehicles, while all data is maintained in Fleet+.

Fleet+ can be individually tailored to the desired processes, your organisation and cost structures

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