Agile. Proactive. Innovative. – That is Carano

Our philosophy

“We’re executing the digital evolution of corporate mobility and vehicle mobility!” – our roots lie in vehicle automation and process interlinking, and they show us the way into the future. We are the touchstone for mobility of the tomorrow. Our aim is to ensure vehicles are procured and used in line with demand, flexibly and simply managed.

Matthias von Tippelskirch


We are ready for the future

“Digitalization has been given a new boost by the pandemic. In fleets, usage scenarios for vehicles are gradually moving toward mobility satisfaction. The future comes down to this: the individual’s flexible mobility needs – away from pure possession of a vehicle. By taking advantage of the latest IT technologies and digitally linking up all the partners involved in the vehicle management process, Carano is making a major contribution to the simple and efficient handling of all vehicle-related processes.”

Hans-Joachim Guth

We grow with the challenges

We are in a continuous agile working process and ceaselessly forming and shaping our software products to meet the needs of customers and the market. We provide needs-based solutions for fleets of any company and for every phase of the vehicle lifecycle. Carano is renowned for its high degree of flexibility and expertise. Our in-depth understanding of customers and our exceptional knowledge of the market enable us not only to keep pace with today’s rapid changes but to always stay one step ahead of the rest.

Johannes Borchert
Head of Product Management

Our actions. Your success.

Carano has been growing steadily for years, in step with the fleet market’s need for solutions. Today, over 80 employees are working together on our comprehensive and customized tools in management, procurement, marketing and carsharing. We are in daily contact with more than 200 fleet managers, service providers, dealers and leasing companies. Our aim is to map the entire vehicle lifecycle with our software solutions in an integral, customer-specific and state-of-the-art manner – flexibly and simply controlled.

Jennifer Mocke
Customer Success Management

For our clients. With our clients.

At Carano, we aim to assist our more than 250 clients on a comprehensive customer journey. We strive to make sure people feel secure with us every step of the way. It is part of our corporate philosophy to continuously develop ourselves in terms of service. Our maxim here is we let our customers’ success speak for us. We think it’s the best way to create sustainable business relationships and build long-lasting trust. This is the spirit that unites every employee at Carano. Our common goal is to develop a dynamic customer success management.

Facts of interest


Experience and expertise


procured, managed and sold with our solutions


executed and planned


across numerous countries


from 15 nations

Digital beginnings


First automotive solutions

First fleet solutions deployed in large fleets of up to 25,000 vehicles


Mobile solutions

Apps for smartphones as adjunct to our fleet solutions


SaaS solutions
Vehicle configurator Easy+ is the fleet industry’s first software-as-a-service solution


International projects

First customers in France and the Benelux countries


E-mobility gets the green light

First field tests in e-mobility supported by the German federal government


eMobility Scout funding project

IT solution that facilitates access to and sustainable use of e-mobility.


Cloud-based, self-service solutions including add-on services like EdTech.


Move from Alt-Moabit to Forum 1 in Steglitz.

Carano 2021

Career at Carano

Agile. Innovative. Attractive. – How we work

Behind our successful software solutions and innovations are people who bring with them a wealth of expertise. In our company, inventiveness, assertiveness, joy and innovation dovetail to work on the fleet industry of tomorrow. As we continue to expand, we are ever on the lookout for experienced IT experts and project developers, as well as inquisitive young recruits looking to gain exciting insights into the fleet industry and future mobility.

The Carano media service

Informative. Multimedia. State-of-the-art. – Our press portal

Open, communicative and helpful – that’s how we see working with the media and the trade press. We would be pleased to let you in on our work, our events and our corporate philosophy. In short: We live for communication!

The Carano Blog

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