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Corporate car sharing enables cost savings of up to 30% and is thus becoming a genuine alternative in vehicle fleets for more and more companies. This is because the shared use of vehicles increases capacity utilization and can reduce fleet costs. With our car sharing software CaranoCloud you have the complete package at hand to manage your pool vehicles efficiently and transparently.

Employees can also book vehicles on the go using the smartphone app
With the clear booking calendar, you have a comprehensive view of all bookings and booking history

Advantages of the Corporate Carsharing Software

Less costs

Increase vehicle utilization, minimize the number of vehicles and reduce your fleet costs

Automated processes

The software facilitates the dispatching of vehicles and relieves you from the time-consuming team organization and driver communication

Car sharing from a single source

From booking to vehicle access to compliance with legal requirements: CaranoCloud offers everything for efficient car sharing

Mit der Smartphone-App von CaranoCloud können Dienstwagenfahrer Fahrzeuge bequem von unterwegs buchen

Reduce fleet costs with our car sharing software

Complete package for your car sharing fleet

The management of pool vehicles is clear and uncomplicated with CaranoCloud – both for fleet managers and employees.

Booking & Return

With just a few clicks, drivers book a suitable pool vehicle via the desktop application or the app. Thanks to email notifications, they remain informed in case of rebooking, delays or cancellations. The return dialog can be used to document damage, defects and soiling after the trip.

Vehicle access

Thanks to a stationary key cabinet or a key box placed in the car, access to the vehicle is possible around the clock. This saves time-consuming coordination and personal key handovers in the office are a thing of the past.

Holder liability

Before each journey, valid driver’s license checks and UVV driver instructions are checked. Useful add-ons support you in complying with your keeper liability obligations and guarantee traceable and complete documentation.

Carano makes access to the vehicle possible at any time with corporate car sharing

Functions of the car sharing software

Whether a clear booking calendar, automated vehicle allocation or useful evaluations, the functions of CaranoCloud provide the prerequisites for efficient and well-organized car sharing in your fleet.

Functions of the Corporate Carsharing Software


Drivers can book vehicles independently via the web application or the smartphone app (Android, iOS). They will receive the booking confirmation by e-mail or will be informed about booking changes or cancellations. The booking calendar offers a clear presentation of all trips incl. Status and booking history.

Vehicle pooling

Map your individual vehicle authorization structure and create different vehicle pools. You can then assign this to drivers and stations.

Pool vehicles

The digital vehicle file offers a clear presentation of all vehicle-relevant data (e.g. damage, dates, contracts). You can maintain vehicle master data and report the current mileage and, if applicable, charge status. Vehicles can be assigned to a vehicle group and a cost center, and individual accessories can be assigned. In addition, vehicle documents such as registration certificate, manual, etc. can be uploaded.


Create drivers with all relevant data (name, email address, address data and driver's license information), assign authorizations for vehicle pools and assign them to appointments and damages.


Available vehicles are automatically allocated, taking into account equipment requirements (including avoidance of double bookings), pooling structure and the best ratio of kilometers driven to the leasing contract. For e-vehicles in the pooling fleet, only sufficiently charged vehicles are assigned. If no vehicle is available for the desired time, the software suggests alternative booking periods. In the event of delays, automatic rebooking incl. Notification of the driver of the following booking. Manual vehicle selection, independent of authorizations, is possible by dispatchers for themselves or for third parties.


You have the overview of all contracts of different types (purchase, leasing, insurance, etc.). Contractors and contractors can be assigned on the basis of stored contacts. By means of a forecast of the mileage of leasing contracts at the end of the contract, excess mileage can be calculated.


The software offers the export of bookings as an Excel file for further internal billing and processing as well as an Excel dashboard for a clear presentation of vehicle utilization. In addition, the development of vehicle bookings and KPIs can be analyzed and a driving record exported.

Proof of travel

Based on the evaluations of the journeys, the software provides you with a useful journey log. This provides an overview of the trips per vehicle, the purpose of the trip, and the distance traveled.

Add-ons for your car sharing

Our corporate car sharing software solution can be extended with helpful applications. Our solutions support you in the implementation of your keeper liability obligations and enable flexible vehicle access for employees. In this way, you reduce administrative efforts and offer drivers a high level of user comfort.

Driver's license verification

App-enabled driver’s license check with automated appointment management

UVV driver training

E-learning tool with notification function for legally compliant instruction of drivers

Vehicle access tools

Flexible access to the vehicle via key cabinet or key box

Practical example of our car sharing software

Our corporate carsharing software has been successfully used in the Smart eFleets research project since 2021. There, the digital solution enables flexible pool vehicle management in fleets, even across company boundaries. In this way, fleets and charging points can be intelligently networked and optimally utilized. The core objective of the project is to derive innovative pooling and sharing approaches for the e-fleet and thus to advance the technical development in the field of e-mobility.

employee uses CaranoCloud car sharing software as part of Smart eFleets research project
Kreisdiagramm zeigt 20 %, die Menge, die an Poolfahrzeugen eingespart werden können

Reduction of pool vehicles in the
Vehicle fleet by 20%

In the Smart eFleets project, it has been proven that with the support of CaranoCloud, we make it very easy for our drivers to book and use a vehicle. Sharing electric vehicles also makes double sense. Fixed costs are spread over more kilometers and CO₂ emissions are saved. And drivers are always assigned a sufficiently charged vehicle thanks to the software – something that is very much appreciated by our employees.

Heinrich Coenen,
Fleet Manager of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

Practical tools for vehicle access

With our vehicle opening tools, you give employees flexible access to your vehicle pool. This eliminates the need for time-consuming appointment coordination and personal key handovers in the office.

The ecos key cabinet is available in different size variations.

Key cabinet

With a key cabinet, vehicle keys are stored theft-proof in a central location. Drivers can access the released key at any time using a PIN or smart card, such as an employee ID card. Removal and return are fully documented.

flinkey box

The flinkey box enables convenient vehicle access via smartphone app, even without Internet access. For this purpose, the box receives via Bluetooth the signal to open and close the vehicle. No retooling is necessary, because the box is simply placed in the car and is immediately ready for use.

The flinkey Box uses control levers to operate the car key within a secure box
clear booking calendar

Organize your pool vehicles efficiently and transparently with CaranoCloud

Reduce costs with reporting

With helpful evaluations, you can analyze at which times the vehicles are used particularly frequently or when idle times occur. This can increase the utilization of cars in the fleet and minimize the number of vehicles. This reduces fleet costs by up to 30%, as fewer cars need to be purchased and maintained.

Weniger Fahrzeuge im Fuhrpark bedeutet auch weniger Betriebskosten für Versicherungen, Steuern und Wartung

You would like to use the complete CaranoCloud package in your fleet as well?

Achieving ecological goals in the vehicle fleet

A car-sharing concept not only makes economic sense, but also ecological sense. Because if you minimize the number of vehicles in your fleet and even set up a car-sharing fleet with economical electric vehicles, this saves valuable resources. This makes it easier for you to adhere to a possible corporate sustainability strategy.

E-vehicles are particularly well suited for a car sharing concept in the fleet

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our car sharing software

Yes, employees can independently book vehicles for which they are authorized from anywhere. Booking can be done either via desktop application or smartphone app. The software then assigns a suitable vehicle for each trip, taking into account the leasing mileage or range in the case of e-vehicles. All bookings and trips are clearly displayed in the booking calendar.

When booking, if you choose a vehicle that has already been assigned for the desired period, CaranoCloud will indicate this. Double bookings are therefore not possible. Alternatively, you can select a different time period.

With CaranoCloud you can manage your keys digitally. Two tools are available for vehicle access: you can store the keys in a theft-proof key cabinet. After successful booking of a vehicle, the key can be taken out of the cabinet by means of PIN. Or you can place a key box in the vehicle that is controlled via smartphone app and receives the signal to open via Bluetooth.

With the return dialog, drivers can document any damage, soiling or defects when returning the vehicle. These messages can then be processed further internally.

The corporate carsharing software automatically rebooks for a suitable replacement vehicle in the event of delays. Drivers will be informed about it by e-mail notification.

Based on the evaluations of the journeys, a useful journey record can be created. This contains an overview of all trips per vehicle including the distance traveled and the purpose of the trip, based on a customizable evaluation period. You can download the trip log as a read-only PDF.

Data security is an important issue for us. All CaranoCloud data, including your user data, is stored in encrypted form in Frankfurt am Main at the AWS EU (Frankfurt) site. Thus, German data protection law applies and all data is protected by the Federal Data Protection Act. AWS is certified according to German IT-Grundschutz by TÜV Austria Group. For more detailed information about data protection at AWS, see AWS Protection and AWS Compliance. If you would like to learn more about how your data is stored at Carano, you can find our privacy policy here.

Manage your pool vehicles flexibly with CaranoCloud

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