Corporate Carsharing Software

Whether you call it corporate carsharing or pool vehicle management – sharing vehicles is both an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to corporate mobility and helps reduce your fleet costs. A simple and clearly-structured management platform is a prerequisite for organizing your carpool efficiently.

Our sharing solution offers more convenience and planning options than an Outlook calendar.

Set it up in a matter of clicks – fleet administrators get an overview of vehicle availability and capacity utilization, can assign driving privileges, check leasing mileage and view the booking calendar. Drivers get an easy-to-use booking interface.

Set up, book, drive – corporate carsharing doesn’t get easier than this.

Successful carsharing starts with staff acceptance. CaranoCloud’s corporate carpooling module allows for a more flexible design of your fleet. Our software solution helps fleet managers to make vehicles available to all employees as needed. Your staff will find pool vehicles a breeze to use.

In addition to our Basic Corporate Carsharing Package, explore our digital solutions for flexible vehicle access. With the help of our vehicle access packages, you can enable your employees to have round-the-clock access to the vehicle pool – without the need for additional personnel to exchange keys.

Corporate Carsharing made easy

The advantages of pool vehicle management with Carano

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    • Always available booking platform
      Book vehicles from anywhere, conveniently and easily 24/7 via app or the Internet.

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    • Range management and telematics extension
      Get real time information on your e-vehicles’ charge level and mileage in order to make your range management more cost-efficient.

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    • Simple vehicle authorization structure
      Create vehicle pools and assign them to specific groups of people.

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    • Clearly structured booking calendar
      With a user-friendly dashboard, you always have an overview of bookings, appointments and leasing mileage

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    • Automated vehicle allocation and rebooking
      Appropriate vehicles are assigned based on car policy and leasing mileage. In the case of delay, replacement vehicles are automatically provided

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    • Fast evaluations and statistics
      Complete cost control thanks to clearly structured reporting and analyses.

Learn more about our corporate carsharing solution. 

Vehicle access packages for your individual carsharing

With our vehicle access packages, key management is a breeze. Enable your employees 24/7 access to your vehicle pool. You can option this as an add-on to your basic corporate carsharing package and adjust with further functions for a tailormade carsharing.

Vehicle access with the ecos Systems key cabinet

ecos Systems’ lockbox allows for safe key storage and removal – for large and small fleets, at a fixed location.

Die verschiedenen Varianten des ecos Schluesselschranks

24/7 access to pool vehicles

Employees can independently access keys for pool vehicles outside office and opening hours.

Safekeeping of the vehicle keys

The lockbox is in a steel housing outfitted with an integrated control unit and anti-theft device. Only authorized users can access vehicle keys.

Documentation of key pickup and return

Pickup and return of vehicle key are fully documented.

Different size options

The lockbox is available in different sizes and models with up to 960 slots.

Keyless access with the flinkey Box

For fleets with several locations, the flinkey Box allows for flexible and mobile vehicle access via app.


Keyless vehicle access

The flinkey Box allows for quick vehicle pickup/drop off without the need for an actual key.

Digital key management online and offline

Even without an Internet connection, vehicles can be locked or unlocked using a digital key.

Easy retrofitting in any vehicle

Flinkey’s handy box can be retrofitted to any type of vehicle quickly and cost-effectively.

Mobile booking via app

Fast and easy booking via app.

Mobile booking via app

Fast and easy booking via app.

See our corporate carsharing solution for yourself and schedule a consultation with our experts or request an offer now. 

Additional packages for your individual fleet management

Our add-ons are products and services that can be either booked alone or combined with other services. Chose between our e-learning platform for the driver safety instruction test or the electronic driver´s license check via app to complete your fleet management. All add-ons can be extended with telematics, a technology that helps you to easily gather information regarding the kilometer and range management of your electric cars.


Digital driver instruction

  • easy-to-use e-learning platform for driver instruction with automated management of appointments

Electronic drivers license control

  • location-independent driver’s license control via app
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