CRM Car Dealership Software Salesflow

Sales management processes are usually time-consuming and tedious for car dealers, and the creation of contracts is often a lengthy process. Our CRM car dealership software with integratedsalesman workplace relieves you of these routine tasks and creates more time for customer contact. You define the individual steps by means of workflow control and all information is summarized in a digital file that is automatically forwarded to the responsible employee: fromvehicle configuration via quotation upto conclusion of contract.

With the CRM car dealership software Salesflow you can manage both new and used cars.
Easy+ is brand and manufacturer independent

The advantages of CRM car dealership software

Complete overview

Manage new and used cars of all brands, branches and clients clearly and transparently

Central data maintenance

In the electronic file, all data, documents and details of the sales process are collected

Save time and resources

Create documents and contracts in no time so that you can concentrate on customer care

Save time with our CRM software for car dealerships

Features of the company car configurator Easy+


The software provides you, and optionally also the affiliated dealers, with access to the complete vehicle inventory in all branches.


Salesflow CRM software offers an automatic reminder function, thanks to which you can always keep track of potential orders.

Digital archive

In the digital archive of the CRM Autohandel software, all total transactions incl. of the expected yield is stored centrally.


Reports and analyses provide information at a glance on all sales-relevant parameters, such as revenue, inventory or sales development for the management.


Create quotes in seconds, whether leasing, cash price, etc. The valuation of used cars is done via interfaces to DAT and Schwacke.


Generate contracts that customers can sign immediately with just a few clicks.


The order of the vehicle is made after the release. All contract and vehicle data is then transferred to your DMS.


Plan appointments and marketing activities, for example, with action control, mailings and the export of vehicle data.

Do business quickly with CRM software for car dealerships

Bundle and accelerate your business processes with our CRM software for car dealerships

More transparency in the car trade

With our CRM car dealership software Salesflow, you always have your entire vehicle inventory of all brands and locations in view. This means you can always offer the right new or used car, prevent double sales or a stock car being forgotten. All employees of your car dealership can get information about all inquiries and processes with your customers and the corresponding vehicles at any time. At the same time, reporting and analysis provide management and sales management with transparency at the push of a button.

Keep track of all vehicles with the CRM car dealership software Salesflow
Managing the fleet is much easier thanks to the fleet software Fleet+ fleet

Bind customers more closely to you

Young car buyers in particular are becoming less and less loyal to one vehicle brand or one car dealer. Because for long the focus has not just been on the vehicle, but on the experience when buying it. You can also expect digital services and personalized communication. Intensify your customer contact with our CRM software for the car trade and create individual offers in no time at all.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our CRM car dealership software

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for car dealerships is a specialized software solution that aims to manage, optimize and improve the relationship and interaction between car dealers and their customers. This software is used by car dealerships, car distributors and other companies in the automotive sector to support the sales process, customer service and customer retention.

CRM software stores all relevant customer information, including contact details, preferences, purchase history, and communication history, allowing car dealers to offer personalized customer experiences to their customers. It also helps automate sales processes and provides insight into sales performance, customer activity, and sales trends through reporting and analytics.

Digitization plays a crucial role in the car trade and has drastically changed the way car dealerships do business. It influences all aspects of car retailing, from customer acquisition to after-sales service. Car dealerships that take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization can better meet the needs of their customers, optimize the sales process, and personalize communication. The collection and analysis of data also provides valuable insights into customer preferences, buying behavior, and sales trends, enabling the creation of targeted marketing strategies and individualized offers.

With the Easy+ company car configurator, you can integrate internal processes such as SAP or external partners such as leasing companies and car dealerships. leasing companies and car dealerships

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