Driver’s license verification

Safety in the vehicle fleet starts with a valid driver’s license. According to the legal regulations governing respondeat superior, the person responsible for the fleet is required to ensure all company car drivers are in possession of one. To this end, license checks must be conducted regularly, the data stored securely and drivers are reminded of upcoming license checks.

The fleet decision-maker is responsible for implementation and coordination of the license check – this translates to huge expenditure of time, money and often complicated documentation, especially when it comes to large fleets. Digital solutions like our app for electronic driver’s license check offer legal certainty while reducing fleet costs.

Mit der Liva-App die elektronischen Führerscheinkontrolle durchführen

Advantages of the electronic driver’s license check

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    • Compliance with statutory inspection dates
    • The app enables both creation of license check appointments and reminders to drivers. The fleet manager is kept abreast of any missed dates.

  • Rechtssichere Kontrollhistorie

    • Legally compliant documentation
    • All results are stored in the app in a tamperproof format and may be viewed any time under inspection history.

  • Variable Kontrollmethoden

    • Variety of verification methods
    • In addition to the app-enabled check, visual inspection by authorized personnel and on location inspection using a USB stick are also possible.

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    • Inspection anytime anywhere
    • Fleet managers can check driver’s licenses anytime anywhere with the use of the app. With Carano’s electronic license verification, complying with your fleet’s respondeat superior liability obligations is a breeze.

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How the driver’s license check by Carano works

With the driver’s license check by Carano, fleet managers are able to quickly and in compliance with the current regulations execute the driver’s licenses check of their fleet drivers. The bonus: thanks to push notifications the fleet manager as well as the drivers will be informed immediately and long coordinations are no longer necessary.

Electronic Driver's license check

Additional checking methods

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    Check on location

    By using the USB-Stick you can securely check the driver’s licenses on different locations. Even without a smartphone.

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    Visibility check

    Looking closely in person at the document is another method to verify the driver’s license.

App-enabled electronic driver’s license check

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Initialization of driver data

Fleet manager sets up the data in the system. An NFC tag sticker is applied to the driver’s license. Data is initialized in the app via a USB stick. Verification of driver’s license may begin.

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Start of verification process

Once data is in place, verification process starts and inspections dates can be set up. Drivers receive push notifications and e-mail alerts 7 days before scheduled check. If the driver misses the appointment, the fleet manager will be duly informed.

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Driver’s license check

In the final step, verification may be conducted by the driver or by authorized personnel or at the location via the app. The result is then stored in the system.

Your service package for respondeat superior liability

Our solutions help you fulfill your respondeat superior liability obligations in a time-saving and cost-efficient way.
In addition to the electronic driver’s license check, we provide your company car drivers with UVV accident prevention instruction on a legally compliant and dynamic platform, while our corporate carsharing software ensure an easy-to-use booking software to process and manage your vehicle pool.

Corporate carsharing

Efficient pool vehicle management with booking calendar

Fleet management

Allround solution for large fleets with high degree of flexibility

Accident prevention driver instruction

Legally-compliant instruction for company car drivers


Why is the driver's license check so important?

According to the Road Traffic Act, vehicle owners are required to be in possession of a valid driver’s license when operating a vehicle. Fleet managers and responsible personnel are required to carry out regular checks on their company car drivers’ licenses. Failure to do so may result in criminal penalties.

What are the advantages of electronic license checks over manual checks?

Manual checks are time consuming and organizationally intensive, and impracticable for decentralized fleets. Electronic checks can be done anytime anywhere.

What is an NFC tag and what is its relevance for electronic driver's license verification?

NFC tags are electronic chips capable of transmitting data. NFC is an internationally recognized standard and enables short distance (within the span of a few centimeters) wireless data exchange. With an NFC tag you can transfer data, activate or deactivate certain functions. For electronic license check, an NFC tag is attached to the driver’s license which can then be used to initialize data and driver’s license check.

What happens if the NFC tag is damaged?

The driver should immediately report a damaged NFC tag to the person in charge of the fleet. A tag that is defective does not allow data to be read, thus compromising the license check.

Is the electronic driver's license check legally compliant?

Yes, the Carano electronic driver’s license check is legally compliant – the results are documented in a tamper-proof and comprehensible format, giving fleet managers proof they have fulfilled their respondeat superior liability obligations.

How often are electronic driver's license check to be conducted?

It’s up to the person responsible for the fleet to decide how often an inspection takes place every year. The app allows a time window to be selected between two checks so that a suitable date is automatically assigned.

What devices can the electronic driver's license check be used on?

You can use the electronic driver’s license check both on desktop PCs and as an app on iOS and Android devices.

How is my data stored?

All information collected from the Carano electronic driver’s license check, including user data and test data, is stored exclusively encrypted in Frankfurt am Main at Amazon Web Services (AWS) EU-Central 1 (Frankfurt). German data protection law applies. Data is protected by the Federal Data Protection Act. AWS is SOC3, ISO/IEC 27001 and CAT5 certified.

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