Electromobility as a cost-effective option in vehicle fleets

Electric vehicles offer a wide range of opportunities for commercial transport. Thanks to high mileage performance e-mobility can be flexibly and economically operated. Carano deals with this topic in various projects.

Shared E-Fleet: Corporate car sharing of the future

We have developed the booking platform Shared E-Fleet in course of the research program IKT II, which was supported by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy. The IT solution enables companies to share electric vehicles in a convenient and economical way. Shared-E-Fleet combines the latest built-in vehicle technologies with intelligent fleet and energy management systems. It addresses companies and authorities which wish to operate a green company fleet in a corporate car sharing scheme.
Shared E-Fleet

eMobility-Scout: Intelligent integration of electric vehicles in fleets

The current research project eMobility-Scout goes one step further when it comes to intelligent vehicle utilization. It is a comprehensive emobility platform for integrating electric vehicles into company fleets. eMobility-Scout focusses on the conception, implementation and testing of a cloud solution for the operation of electric vehicles, including sharing of charging infrastructure with other enterprises. Most important for the development of the solution are logistic, economic and ecological aspects.