Electric mobility is the future of the vehicle fleet

Carano has, for years, been researching fleet e-mobility with renowned partners in a number of projects. Ever more companies are focusing on new mobility concepts and thinking about how best to operate their fleets in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

How can fleet managers implement e-mobility into existing or new fleets? What energy resource options are out there for e-fleets? While we are seeking answers to these and many other questions, we have been folding our findings into new concepts and products.

Frank Meissner

Frank Meißner
Project Manager Electric mobility

Our research. Our support

Since 2013, Carano has been an integral part of various e-mobility research projects funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Many of our customers will be drawn to the economic efficiency of e-mobility in the coming years. Sustainable mobility is no longer mere lip service or a PR tact used to attract attention; once total cost of ownership (TCO) is understood, it may even be considered an economic imperative. Our software systems are continuously expanding to meet the needs of e-mobility. The vehicle lifecycle of e-cars won’t change the landscape of fleet software all that much, but certain important details do have a huge impact on overall mobility.


Good to know

…kilos of CO2 emissions saved per EV 1,000,000
…charging points to be set up by the German government across Germany by 2030
…electric vehicles are on the road in Germany

Our research projects

Working with regional and national partners, we are seeking answers to complex issues and have ourselves become instrumental in shaping commercial e-mobility.

Smart eFleets – sharing vehicles and charging infrastructures to emissions-free joint venture

The aim of the Smart eFleets research project is to intelligently link, using software, essentials like charging infrastructures and company vehicle pools to maximize capacity utilization during peak traffic hours. A win-win proposition – by joining resources, all the companies involved come out ahead. Smart eFleets has been in operation since 2019 and the Carano software is currently under testing in the Berlin public transport (BVG) fleet.


Project partner

Flexess – Flexible e-fleet management thanks to diverse energy supply sources

The aim of the flexess project is to increase flexibility of energy resources from diverse consumer groups. In the long run, the power grid will be relieved of the increasing demand placed on it to allow fleets to cost-efficiently convert to e-mobility.

Project partner

eMobility-Scout – Intelligent integration of EVs into the fleet

The aim of eMobility-Scout is to analyze in-depth the economic efficacy of commercial e-fleets. What prerequisites are to be met for successful implementation of e-mobility and how a cloud-based mobility platform can contribute to greater cost transparency – these issues were investigated and their findings had a decisive impact on product development. The Berlin public transport (BVG) initially had 100 of its 400 commercial vehicles electrified. The knowledge gained was then applied to the rest of the fleet. Moreover, various EVs have been integrated into a smart energy management system at the Stuttgart Airport.

Project partner

Shared E-Fleet – Model for future fleets – Corporate carsharing

Shared E-Fleet, a project that ran from 2013-2015, developed a modern booking platform for efficient e-fleet management and cost-effective marketability. The model, which was successfully tested in business parks and the Magdeburg municipal administration, combined state-of-the-art technology with intelligent fleet and energy supply systems. It demonstrated that with the right software solution, e-fleets can be organized in an economically sustainable way


Project partner

Comments on our projects

Our product for your e-fleet

With our corporate carsharing software, your e-fleet is assured of enhanced utilization and cost reduction down through the years.

Corporate Carsharing

Booking tool with calendar and automatic rebooking feature in case of delay.

Corporate Carsharing in practice

With Smart eFleets, we are testing how multi-company carsharing can be utilized.


How to get your fleet in shape for e-mobility

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