Fleet+ Management Software

No two fleets are alike: that’s why “one size fits all” is not what Fleet+ management software is about. We offer customized digital fleet management solutions to meet your needs. Fleet+ helps fleet managers and service providers operate their fleets efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fleet management software for any fleet

With over 25 years of experience in the industry and hundreds of successfully implemented projects for customers, our full-range fleet software is the answer to every aspect of complex fleet ecosystem management.

Fleet+ offers a high degree of configurability to help organize, manage and operate any fleet, whether it be a company car fleet, vehicle pool, mixed fleet or commercial vehicle fleet.

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Advantages of Fleet+ management software

Fleet+ enables you to map fleets and organizational structures of any type. Our fleet management solution boasts an extensive range of features for the operation of both your own fleet and your customer’s fleets, while providing the greatest possible flexibility.

Fleet+ enables fleet managers to handle fleets efficiently, control costs precisely, store and process large data packages in one place. Fleet+, places you to the position tp provide customers high quality services effortlessly while mapping contracts and cost analyses transparently.

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    Advantages to fleet managers

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    Comply with respondeat superior obligations

    Keep track of upcoming dates of every kind 24/7 and get tamper-proof documentation of their completion.

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    Uncover potential savings

    Identify cost outliers, perform plausibility checks and manage your fleet cost-effectively.

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    All the data in one place

    The Fleet+ system facilitates interface connections of various systems (SAP, fuel data, collective invoices, Datev etc.) and stores large amounts of data centrally.

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    For service providers

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    Fulfill customer needs

    The software maps any combination of financing, rental and/or service contracts to create a meaningful database for reporting to your fleet customers.

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    Automated workflows

    Thanks to automated workflows like document and forms management, huge data volumes and extensive process chains can be easily processed.

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    Rapid and effective exchange of information

    Record expenditures individually and evaluate specific cost groups right down to vehicle and contract types. Share this information quickly with your customers to create greater transparency.

Fleet+ fleet software features

Fleet+ provides a comprehensive suite of features to ease the day-to-day work of fleet managers and fleet service providers alike in the management of their vehicles. The software solution allows for full cost control as well as a high degree of configurability, enabling you to map the most complex of processes.

Master data

Seamless data migration means master data is transferred from the old system to the new without the need for duplicate data maintenance. This means work continues in Fleet+ without data disruption.

Administration of customers, suppliers, service providers is systematized according to group and hierarchy. Important data, like driver qualifications and driver’s license classes, are documented seamlessly.

Cost management & Controlling

Reporting system for key figures and KPIs in the fleet. Dashboards with interactive editing function. Print-ready templates, forms, reports and exports may be used for MS Office applications. Define individual cost types and invoice imports. Check and forward expenditures to cost centers, and transfer data to accounting.


The most important key figures, e.g., ct/km, top 20 cost types, leasing forecasts, outlier lists and much more are displayed on customizable dashboards

Repairs & Maintenance

Generate repair orders automatically. Set up work orders directly from damage claims. Repairs authorized in claims management are converted into repair orders at the click of a button.

Claims Management

Record damage-related transactions down to the component level. Damages are recorded and authorized for repair. Damage settlement via external service providers (insurance companies, appraisers) can be initiated and processed.

Appointment management

Fleet+ coordinates important driver and vehicle-related dates, emails reminders out, including escalation levels.

Fuel data management

Manage fuel data and fuel cards, evaluate costs and consumption. Perform invoice import from suppliers. Automatic plausibility check prevents multiple refueling.

Digital archive

Fleet+ is outfitted with a comprehensive archive in which vehicle data, driver data, invoice files, images and email traffic are clearly sorted and stored.

Pool vehicle & Short-term rental

Use Fleet+’s online reservation system to organize inhouse rental, booking and invoicing of pool vehicles.

Interfaces & Invoice import

Fleet+ offers invoice import interfaces to leasing and fuel suppliers as well as providing extensive data import and export features. Leading SAP software and HR programs can also be linked up by individual interfaces. A plausibility check is automatically performed by the software.

Contract management

Administration and billing of contracts as well as generation of billing documents along with automated invoicing, including summary or individual invoice printing, are possible.

Rights management

Define access rights for user groups. You can set up these accesses for individual modules, windows or dialog elements.

Manage your fleet more effectively with role-based fleet management

Fleet management is complex. Give structure to your decentralized fleet with Fleet+ Web interface, the add-on to our Fleet+ software solution. The interface provides decision-makers with a quick overview of all key figures and processes.

In short, Fleet+ Web creates transparency, minimizes internal communication efforts and aids in the digitalization of your fleet. It lets fleet managers integrate internal departments and external service providers to optimize work and communication processes. The authorization structure in the software facilitates role-compliant control of the information flow while safekeeping data from unauthorized access.

Fleet Manager

  • Supervision
  • Coordination


  • Appointment access
  • Damage/Accident


  • Staff data
  • Cost center maintenance
  • Contract terms

Service providers

  • Vehicle dates
  • Fuel data
  • Invoices
  • Claims management


  • Reporting
  • Evaluation

Advantages of Fleet+ Web in a nutshell

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    Sustainable organization

    The software offers fleet managers decentralized control of the fleet. The fleet manager functions as the intermediary who assigns authorizations to the various roles within and outside the fleet, and in so doing delegates work processes.

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    Simple data maintenance

    HR departments can use Fleet+ Web to check contract terms and maintain cost centers. Master data can be updated quickly and personnel changes transparently communicated.

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    Effective claims management

    Auto repair shops take care of damages and coordinate repair dates with Fleet+ Web. Maintenance dates are set up quickly and effortlessly, forwarded and archived. The parties involved may access the archive documents at any time and upload them by drag & drop.

Optional modules for customized fleet management

Whether fulfilling respondeat superior obligations or running a sustainable pool fleet – our solutions allows you to design your fleet individually and cost-effectively.

Corporate carsharing

Efficient pool vehicle management with booking calendar

Accident prevention driver instruction

Legally-compliant instruction for company car drivers

Electronic driver’s license check

Flexible check via app

Examples of our fleet management software in the real world

Fleet+ fleet management software has been successfully implemented in various of our clients’ fleets and supports them by offering more transprancy, a better cost control, a more efficient controlling and claim management process and much more.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What kinds of fleets is Fleet+ suitable for?

Fleet+ is designed both for self-managed fleets of 100 vehicles or more and for fleet service providers. Our big customers, such as fleet management service providers, use the software for a variety of clients and a cumulative volume of tens of thousands of vehicles. For small fleets of 30 – 100 vehicles, we offer Fleet+ Compact: it provides a suite of features similar to Fleet+ that is tailored to the needs of small fleets.

How do I implement the Fleet+ software in my fleet?

Fleet+ can be used online as a software-as-a-service or installed locally on site. With the Fleet+ Web add-on module, you can also (for both forms of software operation) give external, decentralized users like drivers, branch managers, business partners and service providers online access to data, evaluations and analyses, and enable data maintenance and document archiving.

Can Fleet+ be integrated into an existing system landscape?

Yes, they are modules that may be optioned to organize and implement driver’s license verification and accident prevention driver’s ed. Let our product experts advise you on this.

Does Fleet+ have interfaces for fuel data collection?

With Fleet+ you can easily import the electronic summary invoices of common national service providers, e.g., fuel card providers, leasing companies and tire service providers. We proactively provide the interfaces for this.

What reporting options are available?

We have integrated a wide range of reporting tools into Fleet+, including the SAP Crystal Reports used to generate PDF reports and forms. Fleet+ has about 100 standardized report templates. You can have us adapt these to your needs or do them yourself.

Management Views provide you with an overview of your fleet’s most important tasks, dates, outliers and key figures in the form of tabular dashboards. Interactive overviews and analysis browsers enable quick screening and evaluation of your data and expenditures. A table generator for creating individual evaluations rounds off the reporting options.

By the way: every table and analysis in Fleet+ can be exported to Excel, either directly or in ready-made templates. This allows you to process current data individually and flexibly. For decentralized users, Fleet+ Web also provides interactive dashboards and diagrams for quick overview.

What about importing existing data into Fleet+?

Yes, Fleet+ allows easy import of large volumes of data (e.g., from Excel) without data disruption or loss. Csv files can also be generated from Excel.

What languages are Fleet+ available in?

The default languages in Fleet+ are German and/or English. The software is multilingual and can be translated into any language. We will be pleased to aid you with the implementation.

Can I also manage my pool vehicles with Fleet+?

With Fleet+ you can manage, book, schedule and invoice your pool vehicles. An online booking form or, alternatively, the corporate carsharing software in CaranoCloud allows 24/7 booking of pool vehicles. In addition, digital vehicle access packages such as key lockboxes or the flinkey box, incl. app, may be optioned.

Can I also use Fleet+ to coordinate electronic driver's license check and accident prevention driver instruction?

Yes, they are modules that may be optioned to organize and implement driver’s license verification and accident prevention driver’s ed. Let our product experts advise you on this.

What about using Fleet+ on the move?

In our Fleet+ Web interface, mobile access is available on any Internet-enable devices. For optimal overview, we recommend devices with larger displays, such as tablets or laptops.

Is Fleet+ GDPR compliant?

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is important to host the system with appropriate security measures and ensure users adhere to GDPR guidelines. Installing the system inhouse is the responsibility of your IT department and data protection officer. If you use Fleet+ as a software-as-a-service operated by Carano Software Solutions, we will provide GDPR-compliant hosting in accordance with ISO 27001. Sensitive data such as driver information can be anonymized in Fleet+ at the click of a button.

fleet manager on his laptop

The ABCs of efficient invoice processing for fleets

If there is a fleet, there is sure to be invoices and invoice management. Manual invoice processing is time consuming and laborious: to ensure expenditures are entered correctly and assigned to the right cost centers. This also happens to be where many mistakes are made.

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Respondeat superior liability in fleets – Obligations and regulations of fleet managers

Did you know a company is liable for all personal injuries and property damage arising from its own fleet? Instances include accidents caused by company car drivers holding invalid or expired driver’s licenses, or if it is proven license checks had not been conducted on the company’s drivers?

Discover how the various features of Fleet+ can help you to improve your fleet management