Easy+ Fleet Service Provider Configurator

Provide a high level of service while minimizing your own expenses? No problem with Easy+. Thanks to our fleet service provider configurator for company cars, you will professionally implement e-procurement for your customers’ vehicles. They benefit from a smooth and digital procurement process, while you can respond flexibly to a wide range of requirements.

With the Easy+ configurator, fleet service providers can offer their customers a portal for vehicle procurement.
Vehicle data is automatically updated in the Easy+ configurator

The advantages of the fleet service provider configurator

All-round services for your customers

Provide your customers with a portal for stress-free vehicle procurement and stay up to date thanks to automated notifications

Less effort, more transparency

Drivers configure their desired vehicle themselves based on the stored car policy while you monitor the entire process

Individual customer service

With a single solution, you can manage several customers at the same time and clearly map all customer-specific processes

Convenient vehicle procurement for your customers with Easy+

Functions of the fleet service provider configurator Easy+

The company car configurator for fleet service providers offers all the features that will minimize your efforts in the procurement process and provide unparalleled service to your customers.

Mit dem Firmenwagen Konfigurator Easy+ sind es nur wenige Schritte von der Hinterlegung der Car Policy

Features of the company car configurator Easy+

Cross-manufacturer company car configurator

Easy+ is manufacturer-independent, so you can configure all brands. Either Jato or Schwacke serve as the data provider.

Role-based process mapping

The procurement software efficiently integrates drivers, fleet management and other stakeholders.

Country specifics

Easy+ can be adapted to country-specific features, e.g. with regard to equipment or taxation.

Car Policy

Precise compliance with the stored car policy is checked and taken into account for each vehicle configuration. A detailed setup of the company's own specifications according to vehicle categories, compulsory and special equipment, service and user groups is possible.


A multi-supplier strategy is easy to implement by transparently matching leasing terms and serving as the basis for cost-effective vehicle procurement.

White-label solution

Easy+ can be adapted to your corporate design and integrated into intranet pages or websites.

Digital workflows

Easy+ simplifies the ordering and approval processes thanks to predefined work steps. This eliminates cumbersome and time-consuming coordination loops.

Let your customers' drivers configure their desired vehicle with just a few clicks

All data always up to date with the market

As a service provider, you need to keep pace with ever-changing market conditions. Therefore, our procurement software supports you by automatically updating vehicle data and price lists. In addition, Easy+ is already equipped with a comprehensive set of vehicle data (Jato or Schwacke), calculation rules and functions. According to your individual requirements, these can be adapted and extended. Adaptations to processes and stored guidelines can also be implemented at any time.

Easy+ Configurator: Company car procurement
Drivers can easily put together their own vehicle with the Easy+ configurator

Vehicle configuration by driver

With Easy+, your customers’ drivers can effortlessly configure their own desired vehicle themselves – based on the stored general conditions. Factors such as mileage or fuel consumption can be compared and the personal contribution and imputed income calculated. What is a motivating experience for employees means less work for you in terms of checks and manual post-processing.

High service performance for your customers, less effort for you thanks to Easy+.

All-round service for your customers

The procurement of new company vehicles is complex and the processes are not always transparent. With the fleet service provider configurator Easy+ you handle the entire procurement process of your customers clearly and efficiently. After depositing the car policies and the various costing models, you monitor all processes. The software provides you with extensive evaluations on the basis of which you can advise your customers in a targeted manner and optimize the procurement process in the fleet.

The entire data history forms the basis for the analyses to optimise the vehicle fleet

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the fleet service provider configurator Easy+

With Easy+, you digitize the procurement process in the customer fleet and minimize the effort required for the otherwise very time-consuming and costly reconciliations and approvals. Your customers’ drivers configure the company car they want themselves in no time at all, while you have control over all operations.

The fleet service provider configurator Easy+ is multi-client capable. While you can easily map all customer-specific conditions, your customers only have access to their own data. In addition, depending on the role, corresponding access authorizations and restrictions can also be assigned. All documents are stored in a traceable manner for you and your customers and can be retrieved at any time.

With Easy+, you can integrate external partners such as other leasing companies, service providers and car dealerships into the procurement process, for example, for the delivery of conditions or the entry of appointments.

Easy+ is a manufacturer-independent fleet service provider configurator for company cars that works on the basis of data from JATO or Schwacke.

Yes, an automatic buildability check takes place after each configuration to ensure that the desired vehicle can be ordered.

With the Easy+ company car configurator, you can integrate internal processes such as SAP or external partners such as leasing companies and car dealerships. leasing companies and car dealerships

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