With our fleet service provider software to success

With our software solutions for fleet service providers you get everything you need for the professional control of customer fleets from a single source. This allows you to transparently map the individual requirements of your customers and offer customized service packages. Deliver an all-round service to your customers, ranging from the procurement of new vehicles to fleet management and the organization of pool vehicles. With attractive applications for driver’s license checks and driver instruction, you can expand your range of services and strengthen customer loyalty.

Mit der Fuhrparksoftware Fleet+ sorgen Sie für zufriedene Kunden und Mitarbeitende.
Sowohl Sie als auch Ihre Kunden behalten stets den Überblick über alle Fuhrparkaktivitäten.

The advantages of our fleet service provider software

Complete package

Manage customer fleets from procurement to regulatory compliance and map organizational structures individually

Save resources

Minimize your internal efforts for data maintenance, reconciliations and customer communication

Reporting and analysis

Advise clients on strategic fleet management based on data-driven decisions

All-round service for customer fleets

Vehicle configurator

Handle e-procurement for customers and maintain control over all processes

Fleet Management

Functional fleet software for the control of customer fleets

Driver's license verification

Driver’s license check via smartphone app with automated appointment management

Pool vehicle management

Booking calendar with automatic vehicle scheduling and tools for flexible vehicle access

Driver training according to UVV

E-learning tool with notification feature for legally compliant instruction of company vehicle drivers

Als Fuhrparkdienstleister können Sie Ihren Kunden ein rundum Paket anbieten und behalten dabei selbst stets den Überblick
Utilizing the digital storage capabilities of Fleet+ from Carano Software Solutions, ISS effectively addresses the diverse needs of its fleets, minimizing operational efforts seamlessly.

With the seamless, digital storage function of Fleet+, ISS can meet the complex requirements of the heterogeneous fleets and minimise the effort.

The Graf Hardenberg automotive dealership group uses Fleet+ to provide customers with individual support and to respond quickly to their needs.

Fleet+ für Dienstleister sorgt für zufriedene Kunden.

The customer in focus

Whether vehicle configurator, fleet management, car sharing or owner liability, the wide range of functions and the high degree of automation enable you as a fleet service provider to meet your customers’ requirements in an uncomplicated way with our fleet management software. The extensive volumes of data associated with fleet management are stored, processed and linked centrally in a way that adds value. This enables you to provide the basis for strategic decisions on the basis of targeted evaluations and to optimize and comprehensibly map your customers’ fleet processes. This will help you meet the needs and requirements of your customers and strengthen your business relationships.

Automated workflows minimize your efforts

Our software solutions for fleet service providers are designed to streamline your operations and coordination processes. This saves valuable resources and reduces costs. At the same time, you as the service provider have control over all data, contracts and processes. Partners such as service or financial service providers, leasing companies, workshops or mobility providers can also be connected to ensure end-to-end fleet management. Regardless of the industry and size of your customers’ fleets, our software products provide you with more transparency, structured workflows and full cost control.

Mit Fleet+ sorgen automatisierte Workflows für eine schneller und einfachere Bearbeitung der einzelnen Kunden.
Fleet+ wurde von Experten entwickelt und erleichtert den Weg zu einem digitalen Fuhrpark.

The fleet service provider software from the industry expert

We have been developing digital solutions for the fleet industry for 30 years. We bundle our extensive experience and expertise into powerful software products that enable you to manage your customers’ fleets professionally. We have already successfully implemented IT solutions for a wide range of service providers with customer fleets of up to 30,000 vehicles, always with the aim of making corporate mobility transparent and efficient. We also incorporate the results of research projects into the development of our products. We have been working on these projects with renowned partners from industry and science since 2013.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our fleet service provider software

Yes, our software products integrate seamlessly to ensure easy data maintenance and smooth workflows. This not only makes your work as a fleet service provider easier, but also gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a high-performance complete package. Our fleet management software Fleet+, for example, can be easily extended with our solutions for electronic driver’s license checks and UVV driver instruction. If your customers have pool vehicles in their fleet, the vehicles can be booked and organized easily with our carsharing software CaranoCloud, while all data is maintained centrally in Fleet+.

Yes, our fleet software Fleet+ and our company car configurator Easy+ are multi-client capable. Your customers use the same solution, but only have access to their own data. Depending on the role, you can grant additional access permissions and restrictions for customers, employees, and service partners.

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