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The leasing industry is a highly competitive market and the field of competitors is large. Rely on the advantages of digitization. With our leasing software, you deliver customized solutions and a high quality standard to your customers. Thanks to automated processes, you as a lessor also save time and costs and retain control over all contracts and processes.

Die Fahrzeugbeschaffung ist ein wichtiger Baustein im Fuhrparkmanagement. Eine falsche Wahl kann ein teurer Fehler sein.
Easy+ is brand and manufacturer independent

The advantages of our leasing software for leasing companies

Accelerated processes

Automate manual tasks and benefit from efficient contract management

Closer customer loyalty

Expand your range of services and offer your customers additional fleet services to increase satisfaction

Acquire new business customers

Expand your customer segment and acquire new B2B customers

The complete package for leasing companies

Leasing configurator for vehicles

Multi-brand configuration of new cars and
Integration of service partners

Full-service leasing

Highly functional fleet software to expand the service portfolio

Other fleet services: Driver's license verification

Driver’s license check via smartphone app with automated appointment management

Weniger Fahrzeuge im Fuhrpark bedeutet auch weniger Betriebskosten für Versicherungen, Steuern und Wartung
Utilizing the digital storage capabilities of Fleet+ from Carano Software Solutions, ISS effectively addresses the diverse needs of its fleets, minimizing operational efforts seamlessly.

With the seamless, digital storage function of Fleet+, ISS can meet the complex requirements of the heterogeneous fleets and minimise the effort.

The Graf Hardenberg automotive dealership group uses Fleet+ to provide customers with individual support and to respond quickly to their needs.

Das richtige Fahrzeug sorgt für zufriedene Mitarbeiter.

Leasing software for customer loyalty and high service quality

Combine your leasing products with customized services to create an attractive complete package for your customers. With our leasing software you increase the satisfaction of your customers and bind them even closer to you. How often do you need to change a quote until it fits? With the company car configurator, the drivers of your business customers put together the new car they want themselves in no time at all. Or expand your individual range of services and support lessees in managing their vehicle fleets as part of a full-service lease.

Automated processes and central database

Managing vehicle leasing contracts is complex, especially when it comes to quoting, data maintenance and contract amendments. Even small mistakes can mean financial losses. With our specialized leasing software, you automate many tasks, such as contract management, billing and document management. Our solutions also integrate seamlessly with your application landscape, so that a smooth exchange of data takes place. This minimizes your efforts, speeds up internal processes and frees up time for more intensive customer care. Centralized data management also makes it easier to access, update, and track operations.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our leasing software

Digitization plays a crucial role for leasing companies and has a major impact on various aspects of the business. On the one hand, processes are automated, from contract management to billing. Manual, time-consuming tasks are thus reduced, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency. By collecting and analyzing big data, leasing companies also gain key insights into customer preferences, market trends, and risk profiles, and can make informed business decisions.

Yes, our software solutions can be combined with each other. This relieves you of duplicate data entry and unnecessary extra work.

With Carano’s company car leasing configurator, their customers’ drivers can configure their own desired vehicle themselves with just a few clicks. The deposit of the Car Policy and the integrated buildability check ensure that the company car complies with company guidelines and is buildable.

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