Leasing Configurator Easy+

The leasing process is complex and the way to contract signing is often lengthy. In addition to organizing the various contract documents, the calculation in particular is usually time-consuming and cost-intensive. Bundle and accelerate your business processes with our powerful company car leasing configurator Easy+. New business models can be mapped with just a few clicks, making it easy to expand your sales radius.

Do business faster with the Easy+ leasing configurator
Easy+ is brand and manufacturer independent

The advantages of the company car leasing configurator

Individual all-round package

Combine your leasing products with customized services and insurance and offer your customers an attractive complete package

Simple calculation

Keep control of terms, residual value risk, markdowns, leasing factors, performance data, and current and completed contracts with Easy+

Effective sales opportunities

With Easy+, dealership partners receive a modern sales workplace designed for all end devices

Automate the leasing process with our Easy+ leasing configurator

Features of the company car configurator Easy+

Cross-manufacturer vehicle configurator

Easy+ is manufacturer-independent, so all brands can be configured with it. Jato or Schwacke can be used as the data provider.

Role-based process mapping

The Easy+ leasing software efficiently integrates drivers, fleet management and other parties involved in all processes related to the procurement of new vehicles.

Country specifics

Easy+ can be adapted to country-specific features, e.g. with regard to equipment or taxation.

Comprehensive calculations and condition management

Easy+ enables flexible and comprehensive control of all calculation parameters and maps individual framework conditions and contracts. Calculate in detail leasing contracts and services, incl. desired interest rate and interest subsidy, and thus offer your customers full cost transparency.

Clear dashboards

Current tasks and resubmissions are displayed on the clear dashboard. In addition, you can create comprehensive evaluations, e.g. regarding bestseller models or special offers.

White-label solution

Easy+ can be adapted to your corporate design and integrated into intranet pages or websites.

Digital workflows

Easy+ simplifies the ordering and approval processes thanks to predefined work steps. This eliminates cumbersome and time-consuming coordination loops.

Processes for leasing applications

From choice of equipment to concluding the contract, Easy+ maps every step precisely, thus ensuring transparency on both the dealer and the customer side. With customer, supplier and reseller access, Easy+ supports your sales and procurement processes online.

Offer your customers a convenient customer portal for leasing with Easy+.

From procurement to management

From individual configuration to subsequent management: With the Easy+ leasing customer portal, you enable your customers to procure vehicles conveniently. Drivers configure their desired company car themselves – taking car policies into account – in no time at all. In doing so, they can compare factors such as mileage and fuel consumption and have the own contribution and the imputed income shown. As leasing company, you monitor the progress of the process and can intervene in an advisory capacity. This means that several customers can be serviced at the same time without any problems.

Easy+ Configurator: Company car procurement
Keeping an overview of leasing company cars with Easy+

Integrated calculations

Easy+ can be connected to existing calculation systems and you can set the conditions for even the most individual calculations. Once your customer has selected and ordered the vehicle, all you have to do is take care of the relevant approvals. All processes are automated in the leasing configurator as adjustable workflows and framework agreements with the corresponding conditions are changed centrally. Maturities, residual value risks, discounts, leasing factors and performance data: you have permanent control over all current and completed transactions.

Accelerate your business processes with the Easy+ leasing configurator

Complete package for your customers: Full-service leasing

Offer an attractive all-round service and take over the fleet management of your customers. To do this, you can integrate the appropriate external service providers or rely on our field-tested, multi-client fleet software Fleet+. This allows any contract and organizational structures to be mapped and all customers to be processed separately. Even the generation of billing documents with subsequent invoicing is possible without much effort thanks to Fleet+.

The entire data history forms the basis for the analyses to optimise the vehicle fleet

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Leasing Configurator Easy+

With Easy+, you digitize the often very complex and time-consuming leasing process and minimize your efforts for reconciliations and approvals. Your customers’ employees can configure their desired vehicle themselves in no time at all, while you retain control over all current and concluded contracts with Easy+.

Yes, Easy+ is a brand and manufacturer independent leasing configurator. The basis is provided by the data from JATO or Schwacke.

Yes, a buildability check performed after each vehicle configuration ensures that the desired vehicle can be ordered. In addition, order codes ensure accuracy in order entry.

With the Easy+ company car configurator, you can integrate internal processes such as SAP or external partners such as leasing companies and car dealerships. leasing companies and car dealerships

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