Digital solutions for municipal fleets

Whether passenger cars, street cleaning vehicles or other special vehicles, a municipal fleet is usually very heterogeneous and the management is decidedly complex. To ensure the smooth running of all services and avoid unnecessary costs, the fleet must be organized as efficiently as possible. With Carano’s software solutions, you create the necessary transparency and reduce your expenses.

Municipal fleets often have a diverse vehicle fleet, which results in a high administrative workload
Mit einer Fuhrparksoftware lassen sich kommunale Fuhrparks viel effizienter verwalten.
Flotte mit einer

The advantages of our solutions for the municipal fleet

Central data maintenance

Whether centralized fleet or represented at multiple locations, all data is collected and maintained in one place

Pool vehicle control

Organize pool vehicles digitally and clearly including flexible booking via smartphone app

E-vehicle integration

Our software facilitates the transition to greener vehicle types and helps you achieve your sustainability goals

The right software for municipal fleet management

Online procurement of vehicles

Vehicle configurator for convenient handling of the procurement process

Fleet Management

Functional fleet software for the control of the municipal vehicle fleet

Driver's license verification

Driver’s license check via smartphone app with automated appointment management

Pool vehicle management

Booking calendar with automatic vehicle scheduling and tools for flexible vehicle access

Driver training according to UVV

E-learning tool with notification feature for legally compliant instruction of company vehicle drivers

Den besonderen Bedürfnissen eines kommunalen Fuhrparks kommt die Fuhrparkparksoftware Fleet+ nach.
Die Müller Service GmbH optimiert ihre umfangreichen Fuhrparkbetriebsabläufe mit Fleet+ von Carano Software Solutions, indem sie Prozesse seit der Integration zentral automatisiert.

The Müller Service GmbH meets the varied requirements of its large fleet with Fleet+. Processes have been automated and can be controlled centrally since its implementation.

Poco Einrichtungsmärkte GmbH enhances contract and internal process transparency while cutting costs through Carano Software Solutions' fleet software.

The fleet software ensures more transparency for contracts and internal processes at the Poco Einrichtungsmärkte GmbH. It also helps to reduce costs.

Utilizing the digital storage capabilities of Fleet+ from Carano Software Solutions, ISS effectively addresses the diverse needs of its fleets, minimizing operational efforts seamlessly.

With the seamless, digital storage function of Fleet+, ISS can meet the complex requirements of the heterogeneous fleets and minimise the effort.

Durch die zentrale Erfassung und Auswertung diverser Daten, wie Kraftstoffverbräuche, Fahrzeugkosten und Kilometerleistung lassen sich Kostentreiber schnell ausfindig machen

Municipal fleet with multiple locations? A solution!

A municipal fleet often faces the challenge of having vehicles spread across multiple locations and individual departments handling administration. As a result, there is no overall view of the fleet, the condition of the vehicles and the costs incurred. Centralized fleet management is a prerequisite for efficient, transparent and cost-effective administration of the municipal fleet. Only when all threads come together in one software can processes be streamlined and costs precisely monitored. A central solution also simplifies compliance with the legally prescribed keeper liability obligations, which include driver’s license checks and UVV driver instruction.

Convenient management of pool vehicles

Municipal fleets usually consist to a large extent of pool vehicles, because the commercial and special vehicles are not permanently assigned to any one employee, but are shared by several people. With our car sharing software you facilitate the organization and booking of the pool vehicles. In this way, the vehicles are optimally utilized and unnecessary and costly downtimes are minimized. At the same time, this allows you to reduce the total number of vehicles in the fleet and lower the costs of acquisition, maintenance and repair.

Mit der richtigen Carsharing Software erhöhen Sie die Akzeptanz für diese Mobilitätsform.
Carano's software provides valuable data for a gradual fleet transition to electromobility

Municipal fleet and electromobility

The issue of sustainability also plays a crucial role in municipal fleets. One of the reasons for this is the European Union’s Clean Vehicles Directive, which sets minimum targets for the procurement of low- and zero-emission vehicles in public procurement. For municipalities and waste management companies, this means that from 2026 at least 38.5 percent of commercial vehicles and passenger cars ordered must be zero-emission vehicles. Our software solutions help municipalities transition to greener electric vehicles on the path to a Green Fleet and provide insight into  potential savings from implementing electric vehicles in your fleet.

Practical example of our car sharing software

Our corporate carsharing software has been successfully used in the Smart eFleets research project since 2021. There, the digital solution enables flexible pool vehicle management in fleets, even across company boundaries. In this way, fleets and charging points can be intelligently networked and optimally utilized. The core objective of the project is to derive innovative pooling and sharing approaches for the e-fleet and thus to advance the technical development in the field of e-mobility.

employee uses CaranoCloud car sharing software as part of Smart eFleets research project
Kreisdiagramm zeigt 20 %, die Menge, die an Poolfahrzeugen eingespart werden können

Reduction of pool vehicles in the
Vehicle fleet by 20%

In the Smart eFleets project, it has been proven that with the support of CaranoCloud, we make it very easy for our drivers to book and use a vehicle. Sharing electric vehicles also makes double sense. Fixed costs are spread over more kilometers and CO₂ emissions are saved. And drivers are always assigned a sufficiently charged vehicle thanks to the software – something that is very much appreciated by our employees.

Heinrich Coenen,
Fleet Manager of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our software solutions for municipal fleets

The Clean Vehicles Directive is also known as the Clean Vehicles Directive or CVD. This is an EU directive designed to promote the use of clean and low-emission vehicles in the public sector. To this end, it sets minimum quotas for low- and zero-emission vehicles in public procurement. Clean Vehicles are passenger cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5t that emit less than 50g CO2/km.

Fleet management software facilitates and streamlines the administration and organization of the municipal fleet. It enables centralized recording and management of all relevant data and reminds users of important dates and deadlines, such as the main inspection (HU) or the exhaust emission test (AU). In addition, fleet software can be used to monitor all relevant costs in the fleet, including fuel consumption, repair costs or insurance premiums, for example. Cost analyses based on this show where there is potential for savings in the vehicle fleet.

Whether it is a personal service vehicle, a sweeper or a refuse collection vehicle, it does not matter to the legislator: compliance with the statutory keeper liability is also of great importance for municipal fleets. This includes regular checks of all drivers’ licenses and proper UVV driver training. Failure to do so, or doing so only irregularly, can result in severe penalties. Particularly in the case of special vehicles that require special driver’s license classes for driving, appropriate control of driver’s licenses is essential. A software solution supports you in complying with your obligations and ensures the complete and traceable documentation of all checks and driver instructions.

Yes, our software solutions can be combined with each other. This reduces the effort for data entry and maintenance and provides more transparency. You can combine our digital keeper liability solutions with Fleet+, our fleet software. For the management of pool vehicles you can add our car sharing software CaranoCloud.

Some of our software solution can be hosted locally by you. In doing so, compliance with the GDPR guidelines must be ensured by your IT department and your data protection officer. For our SaaS solutions, we ensure DSGVO-compliant hosting and sensitive data can be protected by individual access authorizations and anonymized at the touch of a button.

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