We have been a household name in the fleet world for nearly three decades. We have been working successfully with some of our customers and partners from the very beginning and are constantly developing our products through close exchange. With technical know-how, in-depth industry knowledge and solution expertise, we manage large and small projects, with customers from a wide range of business sectors.

ISS is drawn to Carano Software Solutions' products, recognizing that their focus on sustainability aligns with the economic benefits of electromobility, reinforcing their commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

We focus on sustainability because we see that electromobility also pays off economically.

Benjamin Simon

Die Müller Service GmbH optimiert ihre umfangreichen Fuhrparkbetriebsabläufe mit Fleet+ von Carano Software Solutions, indem sie Prozesse seit der Integration zentral automatisiert.

The Müller Service GmbH meets the varied requirements of its large fleet with Fleet+. Processes have been automated and can be controlled centrally since its implementation.

Poco Einrichtungsmärkte GmbH enhances contract and internal process transparency while cutting costs through Carano Software Solutions' fleet software.

The fleet software ensures more transparency for contracts and internal processes at the Poco Einrichtungsmärkte GmbH. It also helps to reduce costs.

Utilizing the digital storage capabilities of Fleet+ from Carano Software Solutions, ISS effectively addresses the diverse needs of its fleets, minimizing operational efforts seamlessly.

With the seamless, digital storage function of Fleet+, ISS can meet the complex requirements of the heterogeneous fleets and minimise the effort.


Fleet Management Software

The complete solution for efficient and transparent fleet management

Driver's license validation

Driver’s license verification via smartphone app with appointment management

UVV driver training

E-learning course with notification function and final test

Corporate car sharing

Booking tool with calendar and vehicle dispatching as well as apps for vehicle access

CRM for car trade

Sales control software with integrated salesperson workstation