Easy+ Vehicle Configurator for User Chooser

Procurement software for individual vehicle configuration

Die Procuring company cars is one of the central undertakings in the vehicle fleet. Simplified and cost-efficient procurement is therefore essential. With Easy+ you get a solution that takes care of your entire procurement process – from the filing of car policies to ordering and final delivery. Implement your company or your customer’s fleet strategy – leased or purchased fleet, green fleet or international fleet.

Structured procurement software for the fleet – Easy+ Vehicle Configurator

Easy+ offers both fleet managers and service providers concrete advantages when it comes to flexible and cost-effective vehicle procurement.

Advantages to fleet managers

    • Long-term cost reduction
    • Thanks to multi-bidding, you not only have full cost overview, you also keep your vehicle procurement budget low in the long run.

    • Fast communication channels
    • Process-oriented workflows via email ensure both drivers and all relevant parties are kept up to date.

    • Less effort in the complex procurement process
    • Easy+ takes into consideration all business partners and integrates them efficiently. Internal approvals and tender reviews are sped up – saving you time and money.

    • Data-based fleet organization
    • Clearly arranged dashboards and evaluations provide a sound basis for decision-making.

Advantages to service providers

    • Cost-efficient management
    • Help your customers achieve sustainable cost cutting throughout the procurement process.

    • Clear documentation
    • Procedures in the complex procurement process are stored in the system in a way that is trackable and easily called up by you or your customers.

    • Client separation and individual service
    • Oversee a range of customers and accesses within a clearly structured system. Customized client accesses using your corporate design are also possible.

    • Boost your business
    • Easy+ enables you to flexibly implement new business models and effortlessly integrate external partners. Customized client accesses using your corporate design are also possible.

Functions Easy+ Procurement Software

Brand-independent vehicle configurator

Easy+ is not tied to any manufacturers, so any brand can be configured.

Role-based process mapping

Intuitive features for drivers, fleet managers and business partners for efficient integration.

Regional specifics

Easy+ takes into account regional-specific characteristics both in its design and features.

Comprehensive Calculation

Easy+ allows for flexible and comprehensive control of calculation parameters while mapping individual framework conditions and contracts. Calculation of leasing rates, service packages and monetary benefits are optional.

Car Policy (Compliance and mapping)

Compliance with the car policy on file is ensured with every company car procured. Detailed setup of car policy specifications according to vehicle categories, equipment, service and user groups is possible.


Transparent tenders and a multi-supplier strategy enable automated comparison of leasing conditions and serve as a basis for cost-effective procurement.

White Label Solution

We would be pleased to customize our Easy+ procurement software to your CI or that of your customers.

Workflow-supported processes

Thanks to predefined work steps, Easy+ facilitates the ordering and approval process. This eliminates cumbersome and time-consuming rounds of approval.

Frequently asked questions

What size of fleet is Easy+ suitable for?

Easy+ is designed for fleets of 400 vehicles and more, regardless of whether you’re managing the fleet yourself or it’s done by a service provider.

What is multi-bidding and what are the resulting advantages?

Multi-bidding is when a vehicle is requested and the most cost-effective tender is awarded the contract. Multi-bidding in Easy+ replaces the manual request made by fleet managers and thus gives you more cost transparency and in the long run also more opportunities for cost cutting in fleet procurement.

Can different car policies be filed?

Yes, different car policies may be filed. Policies can be defined down to the vehicle category.

Which service providers can be integrated with Easy+?

Easy+ allows for most major lessors and service providers to be integrated into the full-service leasing system. This includes presentation of conditions, appointment scheduling and much more.

Which brands can be configured in Easy+?

Easy+ is a brand-independent vehicle configurator based on JATO or Schwacke data.

Is there a buildability check in Easy+?

Before each order, Easy+ runs a check to determine whether the vehicle can be ordered with the equipment features requested.

Fleet vehicle procurement easy as pie.

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