Easy+ Driver’s Portal for convenient configuration

Software for vehicle procurement with multi-bidding

Easy+ is a one-stop web solution for the entire procurement process – efficiently and economically. Once the company car policies are incorporated into Easy+ the driver can configure the car of their choice with a few simple clicks. After that, the fleet manager, purchasing department, HR and all those involved benefit from the automatic and transparent workflow.

Implement your corporate fleet strategy in Easy+, based on framework contracts and car policies. Whether leased fleets or company-owned vehicles, green fleet or international operations: the portal solution will find the best offer, in terms of TCO, individual pricing parameters or country-specific demands.

Achieve cost savings through effective vehicle configuration & purchasing

Staff motivation
Drivers enjoy configuring the vehicle of their choice. Easy+ offers a clear comparison across various manufacturers and leasing providers.

Easy+ shows the best bid for the configured vehicle. Relying on a multi-bidding strategy, the automatic comparison of leasing conditions means significant cost savings potentials for your company.

Streamlining of clearance processes
Establish a network of all departments and service providers through automated e-mail communication, also international.

Audit-compliant archiving of all operations. In case of a change of suppliers you´ll still be able to access all former data.

Strategic decisionmaking
Reportings with dashboard functionality provide a firm data base for contract negotiations and strategic decisions.

Kickstart for your procurement process
With the Easy + basic package you can start directly. A set of vehicle data, calculation rules and further functions combined with your individual car policies.

Easy+ functions: Your company car in a few simple steps


  • Access authorizations
  • Car policy filing and referencing
  • Calculation setting
  • Tracking of expiring contracts

Configuration and Application

  • Configuration with buildability check
  • Display of driver deduction, limit and monetary advantage
  • Vehicle comparison
  • Application


  • Final check and approval
  • Selecting best conditions in multi-bidding process
  • Order initiation
  • Notifying HR of contracts and monetary advantage


  • Viewing and tracking all data, transactions and condition histories
  • Evaluation of bestsellers, composition of vehicle fleet etc. possible