What we do

Market of the future – Mobility

What does mobility of the future look like? Our society is striving 24/7 to find an answer to this question. Carano is the IT solutions specialist in corporate fleets and e-mobility. 25 years of experience and with a wealth of expertise under our belt plus the confidence entrusted to us by our many clients in Germany and beyond go to make our company the market leader that it is today

Karriere - Zukunftsmarkt Mobilität

Our mission: Digitalization. Automation. Interlinking.
From our start in 1992, we realized the key to optimizing processes was to link up all the actors of the fleet market. Today this integration is commonplace and especially vital to fleet management. We offer software solutions to digitalize and automate processes around corporate mobility. Imbued with a trailblazing spirit, we differentiate ourselves from the rest. Whether it be agile development, innovative service concepts like SaaS (software as a service), joining together of the sharing economy, telematics, big data and E-mobility.

Strong interconnections for ambitious targets
Innovation in today’s world does not emerge in isolation – the building blocks are simply too complex. Our partners are power players, like the Berlin Transport Network (BVG), the Fraunhofer IAO and the Dresden Technical University. They enable us to play a major role in the digitalization of the fleet sector and provide our clients IKT solutions based on the cutting-edge findings. We want our products to advance the digital transformation of fleet processes and thus contribute to sustainable mobility that meet the needs of the world.

Carano Karriere