Fleet management for automotives, trucks, utility and pool vehicles


For fleet operators


Zeit sparen durch Vorlagen, Dokumentenmanagement, etc.

Time saver: less routine work through automation - e.g import of invoices, leasing bills and fuel data. Fleet+ also provides pre-written documents as well as a comprehensive vehicle file for less paper work. 

Halterhaftung im Fuhrpark

On the safe side: use Fleet+ to comply legal obligations, e.g deadlines for MOT and general inspections and check-up on drivers’ licenses.

Einsparpotenziale finden mit Tankdatenmanagement

Uncover savings potentials: A receipt for unleaded fuel for a diesel vehicle? A small car needs a lot of fuel? Find anomalies with Fleet+ and keep an eye on your costs.

Schnittstellen für den Datenaustausch im Fuhrpark

Integrated and efficient: numerous interfaces for data exchange, like leasing bills, damage claims payments, fuel cards, HR data, SAP, etc...

For service providers


Lösung für anspruchsvolle Fuhrpark-Kunden

Quick and customizable: Fleet+ satisfies the most demanding customers, even when facing decentralized or international structures. Through automated operations, such as forms management, document management or invoicing it offers quick processing at transparent terms. 

Vertragsmanagement für Fuhrpark-Experten

Straightforward contract management: Displays all combinations of financing, rental or service contracts. Managing of and accounting for contracts at various interest rates, financing and service packages. 

Reporting für Fuhrparks mit Online-Kundenportal

Transparent reporting for fleets: Individual cost recording and evaluation at the level of vehicles and contracts, for cost groups or shared fleets. Online access for customers.

Die fleet+ functions: Everything your fleet management needs!


  • Management of automobiles, trucks, utility and pool verhicles
  • Incl. components and superstructure
Scheduling and costs

  • Appointment and cost management
  • Reportings
  • Digital archive

  • Documentation of drivers licenses and other qualifications
  • Service packages and contracts
Claims and maintenance

  • Claims management, repairs, fuel data import and shops - there are no limits on imports
Mobility and environment

  • Pool rent and car sharing: booking, disposition and accounting
  • Co2 reportings and usage analyses

  • Various currencies available
  • Consideration of the country specifics
  • Mapping of complex organisation structurs

The electronic driver's license check via app