Mobility for the future - intermodal approaches are key

Berlin, November 9th, 2012: While we are still discussing new approaches such as carsharing, hybrids and electric cars as well as their subsequent usability in company fleets, Google released plans to send self-driving cars to the road. Is this a kind of “new economy against old industry”?

It is a fact that alternative means of transport play an important role in an intermodal approach, and many factors point towards the necessity to find new concepts: scarcity of raw materials, changes in society and the demand for sustainability of products and services. Increasingly, young adults use car sharing or other carriers and abstain from having a car of their own.

Companies and Fleets

 Nonetheless, companies still need vehicles. It is thus necessary to carefully evaluate what the alternatives have to offer. The procurement portal EASY+ helps calculate the factors of various means of transportation based on defined mobility policies, in regard to costs and CO2 values - now and in the future.


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