To ensure maximum efficiency of your IT project, our IT consulting provides a solid decision-making basis.

Requirements Analysis


Business Blueprint: What are your process requirements? How can business processes and IT systems be attuned to each other in the best possible way? How can the new software be linked with the IT infrastructure already in place? This goes for workflows, interfaces (SAP, other legacy systems), system access, data transfer, etc.

Technology and software specifications

  Welche Investitionen machen für Ihr Unternehmen Sinn?

Working out of integration scenarios

Which investments will result in the best potential outcome regarding your company goals?

Creation of the project plan

  Projektplan zur Kalkulierbarkeit der anstehenden Aufwände

Displaying the project in calculable steps.

When the consulting process is finished, we will gladly develop the required software for you and integrate it into your systems.