Cost efficient integration of electromobility

With IT support, electric vehicles can already achieve cost savings for companies

Stuttgart, 18.11.2015: For the last two years, the Shared E-Fleet research project tested business e-carsharing under real-life conditions. The results of the federally funded project were now presented at Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart. The most important finding: Electronic vehicles are cost-efficient for companies, if downtimes are avoided and the least expensive energy alternatives are selected, both through IT support.

Carsharing has become more popular, many commuters go without using their own cars. Through the IT solutions developed in the Shared E-Fleet research project, companies are now enabled to also take part in the sharing of electric vehicles, to save costs and overall expenses. The integration into existing fleets works smoothly, as Norman Natzke of Carano, the company heading the research consortium, sums up: "Under the right conditions and with a high average utilization of the cars, shared e-mobility can be operated in a way that saves companies costs". Even if only the deployment of business vehicles is optimized through IT solutions, savings of 25% less CO2 exhaust and 10% less overall costs can be achieved through the integration of electronic cars.

"Sustainable mobility and cost-efficiency do not need to be opposites", commented Dr. Alexander Tettenborn, head of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy's department VIB4 for the development of digital technologies. "If electronic vehicles are in regular use and their deployment is planned smartly, they can be good alternatives to regular cars under a cost perspective. The research project "Shared E-Fleet" impressively demonstrated that".

Aside from the results, users report that e-mobility is simply fun, and that the convenient integration of smartphones, for opening and booking the vehicles, are extras that they appreciate.

For the future, the efficiency of fleet operations can even further be increased. Open, standardized and economically reasonable solutions for vehicle access, telemetric data and smart charging are required, which need support of and have to be provided by the car manufacturing industry.


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Norman Natzke (head of consortium)
Carano Software Solutions GmbH, Berlin
Phone: +49 30 399944-0

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