Electronic driver's licence check

Fleet+ with Smartphone-App for instant driver's licence check

Berlin, January 17, 2017: Carano Software Solutions GmbH, a leading provider for professional solutions, is expanding their fleet management software Fleet+ with a tool for driver's licence check.

Up til now this process has been very beurocratic and time consuming, requiring bi-annual checks. Now it can be done in seconds. All you need is a sticker on the driver's licence with an ID number. This non-detachable and manipulation-proof sticker enables the identification of driver and match with the corresponding drivers file in Fleet+.

The mobile check is done using a smartphone app, which reminds the driver of the appointments. The driver only has to activate a secure NFC connection to Fleet+, hold the driver's licence in front of his smartphone and start the transfer of the tag number. The information is legally documented in the drivers file.

Fleet managers, as result, have an up-to-the-minute overview of the status of all drivers. They can then comply with legal requirement with minimal effort.

Fleet+ is a software for fleet operators and providers. It offers all features and services necessary for professional planning and administration.


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About Carano Software Solutions

Carano Software Solutions GmbH, located in Berlin-Germany, is an experienced vehicle fleet expert with almost 25 years of success in implementing projects with national and international customers in all industries. We develop top-level IT solutions for e-procurement, fleet management, vehicle leasing and financing as well as for car trade, which optimize and digitalize all processes throughout the whole vehicle life cycle. Our future focus is to extend our product range with sustainable mobility approaches, such as our platform for the integration of electro vehicles.

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