25th anniversary

Carano, fleet management solutions provider, celebrates 25th anniversary

Berlin, 17 March 2017: The Berlin Software Solutions firm turns 25 this year. The past two and a half decades have not only witnessed a profound transformation in IT but the particular needs of fleet management have also undergone enormous changes. Carano in meeting the demands and challenges posed by its clients has risen to become a leading provider in the sector.

Commenting on the development of the company, Matthias von Tippelskirch, GM of Carano, says, “Our expertise and broad line-up of products have proved to be a growth dynamo. Just looking at this past year, our revenue has grown by nearly 50%.”

Wide-ranging, interlinking software solutions

Today with 70 employees, Carano’s software portfolio offers a broad range of interlinking solutions for the management of vehicle fleets. Year one started with projects for DEKRA and the German rail. Today, our solutions cover all aspects of fleet management, including extensive interfaces, carpool vehicle rental, new car configuration as well as leasing calculation. Among our clients are fleet operators, service providers and leasing companies, whose fleets range from 30 to 25,000 vehicles.


For the future, Carano has set its sight on digital developments. Today it implements, among others, the use of telematics, electromobility and mobile solutions.

Carano has been appointed for the second time as Consortium Manager for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy’s technology program: IKT for Electromobility. In the current project eMobility Scout, fleet management, connected cars and energy are being integrated into an all-in-one solution.


Installations, especially with regard to Carano’s large-size customers, are active across various countries. This is a trend set to rise in the foreseeable future. The internationality of Carano is also reflected in its team, comprising of specialists from ten different countries, and growing.



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Image text: Matthias von Tippelskirch, Geschäftsführer Carano Software Solutions GmbH


About Carano Software Solutions

Carano Software Solutions GmbH, located in Berlin-Germany, is an experienced vehicle fleet expert with almost 25 years of success in implementing projects with national and international customers in all industries. We develop top-level IT solutions for e-procurement, fleet management, vehicle leasing and financing as well as for car trade, which optimize and digitalize all processes throughout the whole vehicle life cycle. Our future focus is to extend our product range with sustainable mobility approaches, such as our platform for the integration of electro vehicles.

Contact details

Carano Software Solutions GmbH
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Phone +49 30 399944-0
eMail: Presse@carano.de
Website: http://www.carano.de


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