The software helps you manage all sales processes in your car dealership. You can set up the individual steps using the workflow control. All information is stored in the electronic Salesflow file, which is automatically forwarded to the representative in charge, including details from car configuration to quote creation and completion of a contract.

With Salesflow, you have your entire vehicle stock of all brands and subsidiary branches in the palm of your hand. You will always be able to offer the appropriate new or used car, avoid double sales and will be reminded of cars in stock, that might otherwise be easily forgotten.


The full stock of cars is accessible in all company branches. Additional accounts for affiliated dealers can be set up at any time.


Offers / Quotes

Within seconds, a quote can be created - leasing, cash price, netting of trade-ins… evaluation of used cars through DAT and Schwacke interfaces.


Follow-up Management

The automatic follow-up reminder will make sure you stay on top of your sales processes. This way, no potential customer is lost.



Contracts can be created in an instant and then be signed by the customer.

Digitales Archiv

Digital Archive

The digital archive of the entire process, including the expected profit, is sent to management for approval.



Once all persons involved have granted approval , the vehicle can be ordered. Access to all available data prevents mistakes in the order process. All contract and vehicle data are transferred to your Dealer Management System.



Management has access to all key parameters relevant for sales, such as earnings, car stock, and sales development.



Salesflow supports you in the scheduling of appointments and planning of marketing campaigns:

You have access to certain actions and mailings depending on the customer group, interests, vehicles, brands etc. as well as export of vehicle data to internet sales platforms, various call center campaigns and much more.