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Digitalization has also long since arrived at the dealership.
Customers’ expectations of car buying and service offerings have changed, and the number of digital touchpoints along the customer journey has increased.
For car dealerships, this creates new opportunities that you can exploit with Carano’s powerful car dealership software: Increase sales potential, expand your service offering and strengthen customer loyalty.

Expand your customer base through digital offerings
Easy+ is brand and manufacturer independent

The advantages of our car dealership software

The complete package

Our solutions for car dealerships combine sales management, online sales and fleet services

Strengthen customer loyalty

Communicate digitally with your customers and build long-term and successful business relationships

Save time and effort

You are relieved of time-consuming tasks so that you can concentrate on your core business in the car trade

Our Car Trade Software

Fleet Services

Strengthening customer loyalty with additional fleet services

Replacement mobility

Booking calendar for the organization of replacement vehicles, demonstration and company cars

Sales Management

Sales management software with CRM functions and integrated salesperson workstation

Company car configurator

Multi-brand configuration of new cars as well as supra-regional marketing via own website

Online sales platform

Fleethouse for the presentation of offers and the generation of qualified leads

Take advantage of the opportunities of digitalization and create new sales potential with Carano

Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden einen optimalen Service. Vor Ort und digital.

The Graf Hardenberg automotive dealership group uses Fleet+ to provide customers with individual support and to respond quickly to their needs.

Bieten Sie Kunden und Interessenten die Möglichkeit, sich bereits online zu informieren.

Driving digitalization forward in the dealership

The vehicle trade is becoming increasingly digital. It is important for retailers to exploit the potential that this offers. Customers are increasingly using digital channels to find out about and compare automotive offers and service packages. The first contact no longer takes place only at the dealership, but increasingly online. With the help of software solutions, you can meet your customers’ expectations and increase customer loyalty. In addition, time-consuming routine tasks are automated, saving human resources, time and money.

Creating new sales potential in the car trade

Expand your range of services and offer additional services to help your customers manage their vehicles. For the fleet management of your business customers, you can digitally handle not only the organization of inspections but also the tank data collection. The automatic reminder function notifies you of upcoming and overdue appointments. In return, you can increase your cash flow by charging a flat rate over a longer period of time and retain your customers even more closely thanks to the high quality of service. Our cloud-based fleet platform Fleethouse is your new digital sales channel whereyou can present your offers to an even larger target group and generate qualified leads.

Verkaufen Sie nicht nur Fahrzeuge sondern verwalten Sie Diese auch für Ihre Kunden und bieten Sie so einen Rund um sorglos Paket an.
Behalten Sie den Überblick über all Ihre Fahrzeuge.

Efficient organization of own vehicles in the car trade

Whether rental cars, company vehicles or demonstration vehicles, the company’s own vehicle fleet must also be organized smoothly. With our car dealership software you have all costs in view and manage data and document centrally in one place. The software handles the dispatching of the vehicles as well as the automated e-mail communication. Thanks to the clear booking calendar, you keep everything in view.

Industry expert for car dealership software

For three decades, we have been dedicated to developing comprehensive solutions for the automotive industry. Our years of experience and extensive expertise go into the development of our powerful car dealership software that can help you boost your business and strengthen customer loyalty. Our IT solutions can also be combined for easy data maintenance and smooth workflows.

Our vehicle configurator Easy+ works independently of manufacturers and brands

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our car trading software

Digitalization is fundamentally changing the car trade and how cars are offered and bought. Digital platforms and software solutions enable car dealers to present their vehicles to a wider audience and reach customers from the comfort of their own homes. Customer interaction is also being digitized through emails, social media and live chats, and the customer experience is being enhanced through personalized offers and virtual vehicle tours. Big data analysis enables car dealers to better understand customer behavior and create personalized offers. Tools for online booking of appointments, maintenance and repairs minimize effort and help increase efficiency.

With our powerful software solutions, you can offer your customers everything from a single source and respond flexibly to requirements and needs. Our company car configurator enables uncomplicated configuration of company cars by the drivers themselves, minimizing the effort required for reconciliations and approvals. Thanks to our Fleet+ fleet software, you can expand your range of services and offer additional services, such as fuel card or claims management, to strengthen customer loyalty.

Our cloud solution Fleethouse is the ideal sales channel to make your offers and service known to an even wider audience. You can easily post existing ads on Fleethouse to generate qualified leads. The big advantage is that you pay a commission only when an order is received.

clear booking calendar

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