Fleet management: How to manage your fleet successfully

Je größer die Flotte, desto höher ist der Bedarf für einen eigenen Flottenmanager

Whether you are a freight forwarder, construction company or municipal fleet, fleet management plays a central role for companies with vehicles in their inventory. In this article, you will find out what efficient fleet management means and how software can provide support.

Bicycles in the company: A sustainable alternative for employee mobility

Auch Fahrräder können Teil des Fuhrparks sein und das klassische Dienstwagenkonzept ergänzen.

Bicycles can be an environmentally friendly and cost-effective addition to vehicle fleets, especially in urban areas and for short distances. In this article, you will learn how you can integrate bicycles into your company, what advantages they offer and what challenges need to be considered.

The fleet manager as a key role in the company

Eine Fuhrparkleiterin wird durch digitale Tools im Flottenalltag unterstützt.

Fleet managers occupy a central position in the company’s own fleet. The role is extremely varied and challenging. In this article, you will learn what tasks are involved and what requirements and qualifications are needed.

XTL Diesel, HVO and Diesel B10: New fuels 2024

Die EU-Richtlinie schreibt eine einheitliche Kennzeichnung der  verschiedenen Kraftstoffsorten der Tankstelle

From spring 2024, drivers will have to pay attention, as filling stations will be offering new fuels. In addition to XTL diesel, B10 diesel is also introduced. In this article, we explain what is behind the abbreviations and what company car drivers need to look out for.

Vehicle fleet: definition, challenges and trends

Die regelmäßige Instandhaltung der Fahrzeuge im Fuhrpark ist entscheidend, um unerwartete Reparaturen und Kosten zu vermeiden.

For many companies, their own vehicle fleet plays a decisive role in their daily operations, as it ensures employee mobility, enables the transportation of goods or the provision of services. Efficient fleet management is therefore all the more important in order to improve profitability and achieve business goals.

10 tips for successful and efficient fleet management

Fleet management requires far-sighted and well thought-out control of all tasks in order to ensure mobility and manage the fleet cost-effectively. In this article, we give you tips on how to optimize the organization of your fleet.